If You Have A Broken Zipper, You Can Easily Fix it Using A Pair Of Scissors!


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How to Fix a Separated Zipper

A separated zipper does not necessarily equal a broken zipper. If your zipper has separated from the teeth, here are a few solutions you can try:

  • Check the zipper slider. When the zipper doesn’t stay attached to the teeth, check to see if the slider openings have been stretched. Use a pair of pliers to slightly squeeze the openings closed (but not closed enough that the teeth can no longer fit in them).
  • Align the zipper teeth. Sometimes a zipper slider will separate from the teeth when they’ve become bent or misaligned. Use needle-nose pliers to straighten them out to ensure the mechanism has an easy slide.
  • Reinsert the slider. If you’ve tried to adjust the openings and the teeth of your item and the zipper slider still won’t stay connected, try starting over from scratch. If you have a metal zipper, remove the small pieces of metal at the top of the zipper track, also known as top stops, and slide the zipper slider all the way off (however, this method will not work for plastic zipper stops). Use pliers to slightly stretch the openings of the metal stoppers and wiggle them free. Once you’ve removed the slider, push the zipper’s teeth together tightly, realigning the track evenly. When you’ve realigned the teeth, put the slider back on the track one opening at a time. Once the slider moves normally again, gently put the top stops back in their place.

2) How to fix a zipper that wont stay up

This is often a problem with pant zippers but it’s one that needs the entire zipper replaced; however, there are temporary fixes that can buy you some time. In fact, life hacks like this one are so easy and ingenious that you may end up putting off replacing the zipper!

You can insert a keyring into the zipper pull and

You can insert a keyring into the zipper pull and secure it to your pant button. Alternatively, you can also create a loop with a rubber band or fishing line and loop it around your pant button.

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How to Unstick a Zipper

Zippers can get stuck for several reasons. They may snag on a bit of fabric or one of the teeth gets out of line or the metal or plastic teeth break or become a bit worn. But there is usually something you can do to save the day.

  1. Stop Struggling

    If you begin to feel the zipper getting stuck and not moving smoothly, STOP zipping before you make it worse! If you are wearing the garment, Remove it if possible and examine the problem.

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  2. Slowly Retract the Fabric

    If there is fabric caught in the zipper, gently pull it away. Apply a pulling motion to the fabric, not the zipper. Use needle-nose pliers or tweezers to get a better grip.

    Do not pull on the zipper. Pulling on the zipper may separate the teeth, especially on zippers with plastic or nylon teeth. Slowly ease the fabric out of the zipper slider and gradually slide the zipper pull tab up or down for the final release.


    Hold the zipper slider by the body, which is closer to the zipper teeth, rather than the little pull tab. This will provide more power and control.

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  3. Realign the Zipper Teeth

    If the teeth of the zipper look out of place, use your finger to smooth them back together, if possible.

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  4. Inspect the Zipper and Garment

    Before rezipping, check along the zipper to be sure that the fabric is moved away from the zipper and that any loose threads have been removed.

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Tips to Keep the Zip in Your Zipper

  • To protect zippers and keep them working well, always close them completely and turn garments inside out before washing.
  • For metal zippers that aren’t moving smoothly, rub the teeth with the lead of a Number 2 pencil. The “lead” is actually graphite and it will help lubricate the metal teeth and help the zipper slider move more smoothly. Rubbing the zipper teeth with a bar of soap will do the same thing.
  • You can also use a bit of WD-40 lubricant to help metal zippers move more smoothly. Spray the lubricant on a cotton swab and apply it carefully to prevent staining the fabric of the garment.