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Monoprice: A tech consumers best friend? Or a …

2020-7-28 · A lawsuit claims the discounter's new home-theater speaker system violates intellectual property. But the company's CEO says Monoprice "never purposely" infringes on patents.

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Does monoprice work with Smartthings?

The stitch line are Wi-Fi devices and do not work directly with smartthings at this time. You should contact Monoprice and let them know that you would like to see that integration added as integrations are now the responsibility of the device manufacturers.

Performance: Works very well for a budget-priced drawing tablet

The Monoprice Graphic Drawing Tablet performs exceptionally well once you get it set up. It features 2,084 levels of pressure sensitivity, which is good for a device in this price range. Professional artists will prefer the extra level of control afforded by devices that offer 8,192 levels, but that additional sensitivity comes with a price.

It features 2,084 levels of pressure sensitivity, which is good for a device in this price range.

Of note is the fact that the drawing surface is slightly rough. The rough surface results in a bit of drag when drawing, but some people appreciate that kind of tactile feedback. The downside is that the pen nibs will wear down faster than they would on a smoother surface. If you prefer a smoother drawing surface, then this may not be the drawing tablet for you.

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Monoprice Valentine’s Day Sale up to 40% off: Bluetooth NFC Brick Speaker $20, 4-Port Desktop Charger $15, more

Jared Weintraub – Feb. 8th 2016 3:11 pm PT

Monoprice is offering up to 40% off select items as part of it’s annual Valentine’s Day sale. You can find a wide variety of headphones, power banks, action cams, and more. Monoprice offers it’s own Portable Bluetooth NFC Brick Speaker for $19.99 shipped. That’s close to $15 off the regular sale price and $9 less than the Amazon listing. It has full stereo sound, Bluetooth 4.0, built in mic for taking calls and an AUX input for wired audio connections. 

How do I return a monoprice?

Monoprice will honor a 5 day return policy from when you receive the item, if and only if the following criteria are met:

  1. The item is factory sealed.
  2. You request a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) within 5 days of receipt.

Ports and Connectivity: Runs everything off a single mini USB port

This tablet doesn’t have a wireless option, so you have to keep it plugged in via USB whenever you’re using it. It also receives power over USB, so it only has a single port. The strange thing is that Monoprice opted for an ancient mini USB port instead of a micro US or USB-C port. So if you don’t have any extra mini USB cables lying around, you might want to pick one up as a backup. The included cable is also a little on the short side, so you may need to pick up a longer mini USB cable, or a USB cable extension, depending on the positioning of your computer.

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The Solution

If Monoprice was going to maintain its stellar reputation for product excellence and customer service, Chen says, the team would need to find a way to streamline operations as the company continued to scale. 

“ChannelAdvisor allows us to manage all marketplaces from one centralized tool,” Chen says. “With the number of SKUs we have, and the number of channels we have a presence in, it offered all of the services we needed — including full automation.”

She says the team leans heavily on ChannelAdvisor Managed Services for Marketplaces to help guide the brand’s overall marketplace management needs.

“The integrated solution allows us to manage everything in one place without having to use multiple portals or tools,” says Chen. “If we did not have ChannelAdvisor, we’d have to integrate with other similar tools, develop them internally, or manage all listings, content and orders from each marketplace portal directly. That amount of effort would require additional human manpower and increase the risk of human error.”

Chen says the partnership has led to other opportunities as well. Namely, Chen reports that ChannelAdvisor’s integration with Wish made it remarkably easy for Monoprice to launch on what the company says proved to be a profitable channel.

“Wish presented itself as an emerging marketplace a couple of years back, with a different concept than traditional marketplaces,” says Chen. “The target audience Wish had in mind coincided with the target of some of our products so we found it to be a good channel to push those listings.”

Things I Hate about the Monoprice Maker Select Ultimate

There are some things about this printer that I absolutely despise.  Most of them can be mitigated pretty easily, and I’ll walk you through that.

Support is Non-Existant

If you’ll remember I mentioned in the beginning that the Monoprice Maker Select Ultimate wasn’t perfect. Here’s an area where Monoprice falls flat on its face.  Of the four printers we purchased one of them came defective. It simple wouldn’t do anything. Calling Monorpice results in a hold where literally no one ever answers the phone. Emailing them and two months later no one has ever replied to the email. Its an effort in futility. The only thing we found that worked was to call them at different times of the day until you get through.

Once you get ahold of them you’re still not done. They make you box the entire printer back up. They don’t offer any kind of repair service, or to send you the broken part (in our case the main logic board was bad). So you send it back and wait…. wait… wait… wait.  After a couple of weeks Monoprice will receive your printer and send you a new one which will arrive a few days later.

How to mitigate this issue? Order the printer on Amazon. When you buy from Amazon you are covered by the Amazon A-Z guarantee for 60 days. Amazon will send you a new printer in two days and you can return the old one to Amazon on their dime.

About Monoprice

Monoprice is a large household electronic parts company operating the e-commerce site Monoprice sells its products and services in the household electronic parts industry. Monoprice is a very active brand when it comes to discounting and offering promo codes. Monoprice has good ratings among shoppers on Knoji, with 67 ratings and an average rating of 3.4 stars. Monoprice scores decently compared to other brands in the household electronic parts industry, providing 2 e-commerce features to better serve its customers.