Is ripping DVDs illegal?


Part 1. When Ripping A DVD Is Considered Legal?

When you create your personal copies of DVDs that are not from copyrighted works, ripping is considered completely legal. The reserved rights for each DVD are usually listed depending on the type of copyright. But oftentimes, you need to cite the creator of the DVD. And before you can sell these copies, make sure that you have the appropriate business licenses

In the US, ripping copy-protected DVDs is still illegal. But many organizations are continuing to work to make the process legal for buyers of copyrighted DVDs as long as they rip them for personal purposes only. Although some countries already had made this legal, UK would be a good example.



When is DVD ripping legal?

When a person creates his or her own DVDs that are not copies of copyrighted work, ripping is completely legal. Which rights are reserved are typically listed in the type of copyright. Very often, the original creator has to be cited. To sell these types of materials though, be sure to obtain the proper business licenses. Also, check to see if there are additional state or local laws.

DVD ripping of copyrighted works is still considered illegal in the United States, but several organizations continue working to make it legal for purchasers of a copyrighted DVD to rip copies for personal use only. 

Part 3. Converting Your Ripped Videos To Other Formats

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Is It Legal to Rip DVDs in Your Country?

In terms of DMCA, it is totally illegal to rip a DVD. Whereas you have the right to do with the content you already legally have. This creates some confusion as to what you can or cannot do. But here we are explicating this clearly as below:

1. If you are creating your own DVDs which aren’t copies of copyrighted work, it’s completely legal to do DVD ripping. You have the freedom and right to copy, rip and copy DVDs that recoded by yourself.

2. Is it lawful to rip DVDs in the United States? Absolutely, it is illegal to rip copy protected DVDs. But some organizations make it legitimate for purchasers of a copyrighted DVD to rip it for personal use only.

3. Is DVD ripping legal in the United Kingdom, making private copying is legitimated in 2014, but the private copying exemption was overturned in 2015. So it remains copyright infringement to make copies of DVDs.

4. Is it legal to rip DVDs in Spain, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Norway? Citizens in these regions are allowed to make a private copy of their legally bought DVDs for private use. But the ripped files are now allowed for distribution.

5. Is it rightful to copy or rip DVDs in Canada? Although the Copyright Act of Canada generally says it’s legal to make a backup copy of any copyrighted work including DVD, but this is realized on condition of not cracking a technological protection measures. Since most DVDs nowadays are encoded with copy protection schemes like CSS, Region Code, Disney DRM, ripping DVDs in Canada is most likely illegal. This is also true to Germany. So decrypting DVD is these countries are at a risk of defying the DVD copyright laws.

6. While in Japan and China, ripping DVDs and CDs is huge and you will have no problems.

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