Is there a way to get high without smoking weed? How does it work?


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3) Drop Your Tolerance Down

The more weed you smoke over an extended period of time, the more your body will build up a tolerance and you need to smoke greater quantities to get high. Continually bombarding your brain with THC causes tolerance because repeated activation of CB1 cannabinoid receptors leads to desensitization – your brain cuts back on responses to THC. One way to get super-high is to take a tolerance break so that a little bit of weed goes a longer way. Tolerance breaks can also help you stretch your weed budget because you aren’t spending money on marijuana when you are taking a break from it and another of the side effects when you do go back, is that it takes less and therefore costs you less to get stoned.

Everyone is different, and tolerance level can vary depending on a number of factors such as how often you smoke, dab or mediblize; your body size, gender, age, the potency of the pot and so forth. How long you need to take a break to affect your tolerance level can also depend on how long you’ve smoked and your own physiology, but between 10 days and a month is the range studies have shown that it takes desensitized CB1 receptors to fully recover. Once you start toking again, you’ll get really high, really fast, like a nug newbie!

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2) Water Cure for Weed

Pot smoking and medible eating can seriously dry you out; dehydration can add to the dizziness and nausea that you may already be feeling from bingeing on your buds. Drinking water will dilute the concentration of THC in your bloodstream. Most cannabis strain reviews – and we oughta know, we’ve written more than a few ourselves – generally mention dry mouth and dry eyes as among the most common side effects of weed smoking, and it applies as well to eating decarboxylated weed baked in a brownie. You can reduce negative effects by staying hydrated to begin with before, during and after toking or eating pot – but when the high sucker-punches you in the back of the skull, then guzzling some water can help start the process. Combining drinking a lot of water with taking ibuprofen, like we mentioned above, certainly makes all kinds of good sense.

Once you drink some water to come back from the marijuana high, it can take about 45 minutes to an hour or so for the water to pass through your stomach and kidneys and get distributed throughout your body – but because your body’s fat cells store THC and because eating weed edibles time releases the effects for hours, you will still feel some dehydration effects for 2-3 hours if you smoked it and up to six hours if you ate it. Water isn’t a fast cure, but the compounded effects of cannabis and the dryness that results from consuming a lot of cannabis, via your lungs or digestively, will be reduced the less dehydrated you become.

Orange or lemon juice and weed, as a cure for being stoned out of your gourd, could be even more effective in rehydrating you and stopping your high – for one thing, the sugar in the orange juice can boost your metabolism and restore your electrolytes, and since citrus juices contain water it can also rehydrate you and thus reduce the dizziness and nausea of desert dryness after dabbing, toking or munching a medible.

8 ways to sober up from being high

After smoking weed, how long you stay high depends on a variety of factors: consumption method, dosage, and unique individual variables that can vary from person to person.

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The effects of weed on your body and mind can be very subjective and individual. This is obvious when you consider that 2 people who smoke the same amount of the same weed can have a very different experience. Try smoking in a new location, time of day or with new people and you might find that you get way more stoned from familiar weed. 7.

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Mid-Grade Weed

You know those times when the cheapest bottle of w

You know those times when the cheapest bottle of wine won’t do, but you don’t feel like splashing out on something with a French name? The world of weed has those moments too, and that’s exactly where mid-grade weed comes into its own. Neither high nor low-grade, mid is just right for those everyday moments when you want to enjoy weed as it’s been enjoyed for millennia; smoothly and comfortably.

The Feel Of Mid-Grade Weed

To be honest, the classification of mid-grade weed is usually when it isn’t terrible, but also not a prime example of bud. As you can imagine, this leaves a lot of room for variance. However, generally speaking, mid-grade weed will have a slight give to it when gently squeezed, while still being dry enough to have an audible snap when broken apart.

There should be a good plant matter to stem ratio, with few if any seeds, meaning you’re getting what you paid for; consumable product. On the outside of the bud, you should notice a decent amount of fully developed trichomes, signifying that the plants were harvested at the ideal time.

Mid-grade weed:

  • Slight give when squeezed
  • Snaps when broken apart
  • Good plant to stem ratio

The Way It Smells And Tastes

Mid-grade weed will carry and hold more aroma than low-grade, both when packaged and consumed. Instead of a stale, musky smell, a bag of mid should smell alive yet stable, like a vase of dried flowers rather than the leafy low-grade. These aromas carry through to the taste of the bud, which should have at least some floral or earthy notes and be free of any taste associated with mold or mildew.

Mid-grade weed:

  • Scent free of moldy notes
  • Pronounced notes both in taste and aroma

The Effect Of Mid-Grade Weed

Again, the effects of mid-grade weed can vary, depending on exactly how ‘mid-grade’ it is. What should be consistent though is a relatively quick onset time, followed by a smooth high or stone that’s definitely noticeable but not overbearing, allowing you to get on with your day while still feeling relaxed.

Now To The Cannabinoid Content

Compared to bad weed, mid-grade marijuana can have

Compared to bad weed, mid-grade marijuana can have relatively high levels of varying cannabinoids. THC is usually between 12-20%, with CBD content sometimes creeping above 1 or 4% depending on the specific strain.

Finally, Take a Break! You May be Doing too Much

If you’re tried everything and nothing seems to be working for you, this is high time that you should take a break. A break from getting high. Tolerance break.You’ve been trying and nothing much has been happening and that too from a while is a sign. Think of why you’re chasing the high. Have you been overdoing it? Or have you been overindulging in the habit? Whatever is the reason, be honest with yourself; it’s about time that you should consider taking a break. Try and see for how long can you last without being high. A month or more than that? Although it is believed that it takes about one complete month to get the cannabinoids to completely leave your body physiologically, it’s important to remember that the longer your break is going to be, the better it will define how stronger a high you’re going to get the next time you’re doing it.So in times like these, taking a break would be a wise choice. Because if nothing else has made any difference, this has got to be it.

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Take a tolerance break

One major way to feel more stoned is to get stoned less often. If you are a strictly recreational and moderate consumer of cannabis, you can probably attest to feeling a bit smacked in the head when you pick it up again, whereas a daily or medical consumer may need a more potent punch to feel the vibe. Taking what’s called a “T break” (short for tolerance) for a period of time reflective of your consumption habits gives your body’s CB receptors a chance to reset.

Can You Smoke and Still Be Healthy?

Many health-conscious individuals often face the q

Many health-conscious individuals often face the question “Can you smoke weed and still be healthy?” The fact of the matter is that smoking is not healthy. Period. Burning any substance, be it cigarettes, cigars, leaves, flowers, blunts, or joints, and then inhaling the smoke causes harm to your body and negatively affects your lungs and circulatory system at the very least. 

How Many Edibles Do You Need To Eat?

Knowing how much weed to use is about finding your own personal boundaries. With smoking, the effects are felt very quickly so you usually know when you’ve had enough. Edibles are a different story which is why you have to be very careful with them. The effects from edibles are typically felt 45 minutes – 2 hours after it’s eaten. This means you could take too much and not even know it until the rush hits you.

So, how much edibles is good then? The state of Colorado recommends a 10mg dosage for first-time users, and I agree. Edibles hit everyone differently. I personally don’t feel anything on 10mg, but I have a friend who can get lit off the same amount. This is why you have to find your own personal boundary. Make sure to wait at least 2 hours before eating more edibles, but ideally wait until the next day to up the dosage.

If you’re eating homemade edibles you may run into some problems since there really isn’t any way to know the potency of the edible. Have someone experienced try them first to find out their strength. Also, take a very small amount (think one bite or less) if you are unsure about the potency.

As a regular user, I typically take between 50-100mg at a time depending on how high I want to get. Let us know how much you normally eat, smoke, or vape in the comments.

Mix Up your Routine is What were Looking at

If you’re fond of lighting up your joint, the first thing in the morning. It’s time to change up your routine. You can switch to smoking in the evening, instead of morning.With that said, it is super important that you remember that you’re not smoking too much. Having consuming loads of weed every day will make your body more tolerant towards it. That can spoil all the fun. So changing things up should be the motto. Shift to evenings instead of morning or you can just go for around after you’re done with your workout or jogging session.

Three Ways You Can Get High Without Weed!

#1 Love

Ever heard the saying ‘love is a drug’? Yes, as it turns out there is some scientific weight behind those hapless lovesick fools, more than we may have given credit for! Being in love has very little to do with the heart, and everything to do with the chemicals in our brain.

Have you ever eye-rolled at an individual for being clumsy, forgetful and unreliable all in the name of love? Well, it may be time to re-evaluate your approach to such individuals, because studies show that falling in love can have the same effects on the brain as getting high from marijuana!

Call it what you like, but falling in love is one of the many ways you can get high without a psychoactive substance in sight! There have been numerous studies done into the mental impact love has on us, and the results are pretty mind-blowing! According to Dr. Fisher, there are three main stages of love all of which can be categorized by a particular set of chemicals:

Step 1: Lust – driven by testosterone and estrogen, leaving us with an ultra high libido.

Step 2: Attraction – More than just a sexual driver, attraction can lead to those famous sleepless nights, as well as the less pleasant obsessive, anxious phase. Chemicals to blame here are Norepinephrine (PEA) (thank this for those sweaty palms and racing hearts), and then there is dopamine.

Step 3: Attachment – There is no going back from here, commitment, monogamy and a strong feeling of connection are at play, and it is all thanks to Oxytocin AKA the cuddle chemical!

When it comes down to it, a fool in love is awash with chemicals including everything from dopamine to adrenaline, and so it’s no wonder that feeling of sick, excited and downright goofiness is akin to the feeling of being high!

#2 Exercise

It is no secret that exercise is good for both the body as well as the mind. Health professionals have been encouraging an increase in exercise for decades after all, but what if we told you that you could get high from working out?

Yes, working out can improve physical strength, encourage weight loss, boost energy levels and even reduce the risk of getting type 2 diabetes. So with such a plethora of pros, it is no huge surprise that we can add getting high onto the list, too!

Let us be clear, exercise won’t lead to intoxication, but the chemicals released when performing exercise are the same as those chemicals responsible for causing us to be high when we smoke pot! Have you ever heard of the runner’s high? Well, this phenomenon is what keeps those marathon addicts going come rain or shine, and here is why…

A study done on ten athletes looked at the effects of exercise on their brain activity. The subjects had two PET scans at to separate times, one at rest and another following 2 hours of endurance running. The results revealed that the number of opioids in the brain had a direct correlation to the athletes feeling of euphoria. Both of which has significantly increased after exercise.

This particular study concluded that those who are subject to large amounts of exercise are exposed to larger quantities of drug-like opioids creating an intense high and making it more likely in turn that they would keep coming back to exercise.

While it is rarely a bad thing to over-indulge in exercise, the addictive nature of the ‘runner’s high’ in some cases can lead to excessive exercise and potential risk of eating disorder or injury. We would always recommend consulting a medical professional if you have any concerns. Otherwise, ride the wave of fitness high!

#3 Sex

We’re no strangers to discussing being high during sex here, but did you know you could get high from sex without the weed? It turns out that having sex releases a wave of endogenous drugs, hormones, and neurotransmitters that make cannabis almost redundant in the bedroom!

In fact, the high from sex is so strong that in one study it has been compared to the high one would get from heroin! In the Science of Orgasm, researchers revealed that during male ejaculation, the ventral tegmental area was activated, and in women, during orgasm, the nucleus accumbens area was activated. Both of these areas of the brain are also activated by opiate drugs, as well as by orgasm, which accounts for those addictive cravings and feelings of intense pleasure.

So, if you don’t fancy getting high from marijuana, you could always treat your significant other to a different type of high!

Where To Now?

The world of marijuana can be a confusing place, especially when it comes to understanding the different levels of weed. That’s why such a simple grading system of weed – low, medium and high – has had such a profound effect on the market and what people consume. Other than getting a surprise at the strength, you’re usually safe choosing the highest quality weed your budget allows. Not only will this be the best bet for your weed being free of any chemical or biological contaminants that could cause you harm, it’s all-around better quality and higher cannabinoid content will give you stronger effects for longer, meaning you’ll need to smoke less, saving you money in the long run. Really, there’s nothing to lose.

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