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Introducing a 30 Day Squat Challenge that Works

What else is great about the squat? It’s so functional. Even the most sedentary among us squat several times throughout the day to simply get in and out of a chair (we’ll talk more about that later). But think about it, keeping those squatting muscles strong will make other every day tasks easier for you — getting in and out of your car, climbing stairs, packing groceries, standing up from the ground with a child in your arms, and if your an outdoorsy girl, relieving yourself in the great outdoors. All of these tasks require the fundamentals of a squat. Perfect your squat and you’ll perfect your life, well, at least parts of it.

The squat provides many health benefits as well. F

The squat provides many health benefits as well. For example, squatting brings about increased blood flow and oxygen to your joints, keeping them healthy and mobile. And while getting a bad rep for causing knee injury, when done correctly the squat can actually help strengthen and support the knee. In addition to improved joint health, squatting will also give your bones a boost. Squatting on a regular basis, particularly with weights, will work your skeleton from the neck down. Even more, the squat helps with mobility and balance, which then makes it easier to perform everyday tasks.

And one of the most convenient benefits of squats is that you can do them anywhere because they don’t require the use of any equipment. Strengthening the muscles in your legs and core, with the correct form, the squat challenge will bring you all the lower-body results you want.


Final Days

Congratulations! You've made it to the last few days of the challenge. You've earned the right to choose your routine over the previous two days. Pick any exercise from the series and complete double the repetitions.

  • Day 29: Your choice (times two)
  • Day 30: Your choice (times two)

Week 1

During the first week of the squat challenge, you'll focus on form. Why? Because sloppy squats not only waste your precious workout time, but they create misaligned muscle memory that can haunt you for years.

Even if you consider yourself a pro-squatter, you should use this first week to fine-tune your body mechanics to make the most of the more advanced exercises you'll be doing later in the month.

If you're an advanced exerciser and want to add a challenge, either double the reps, add weight (dumbbells), or do both.

Pro Tip

Use a full-length mirror to check your form while practicing your squats. Rotate your body position every few reps to check your alignment from all angles. If you have a fellow exerciser in the house, you can even ask them for feedback.

Week 1 Exercises: Focus on Perfect Form

Day 1 – Slow squats: 

  1. Count from one to five slowly on the downward phase of the squat and then count to five slowly as you return to the starting position.
  2. Focus on perfect form.
  3. Repeat 10 times.

Day 2 – Barefoot squats:

  1. Do slow squats without shoes on. Keep weight evenly distributed throughout your feet and keep toes relaxed.
  2. Pay attention to where you feel the weight in your feet.
  3. As you move, your toes should never grip, and you should feel strong through your heels.
  4. Your weight should be evenly distributed across each foot, so you're not rolling in or out on your arches.
  5. Repeat 10 times.

Day 3 – Eccentric squats:

  1. Count from one to five slowly to lower your body into the squat position.
  2. Then return to standing by the time you reach five and repeat.
  3. Focus on the eccentric contraction or lowering phase.
  4. Repeat 15 times.

Day 4 – Concentric squats:

  1. Start in a lowered squat position. 
  2. Count from one to five slowly to bring your body to a standing position.
  3. Then return to your squat position in one count and repeat.
  4. Focus on the concentric contraction or lifting phase.
  5. Repeat 15 times.

Day 5 – Plie squat:

  1. Start with feet wider than hip distance apart and toes pointing out (in a "V" position).
  2. Lower your hips down and slightly back, then return to the starting position.
  3. Repeat 15 times.

Day 6 – Narrow squat:

  1. Place parallel feet closer together so that they are almost touching.
  2. Complete 20 squats while maintaining this foot stance. 
  3. Repeat 15 times.

Day 7 – Rest 

30 Day Squat Challenge Quick Tips

Doing an exercise challenge is a great way to jump

Doing an exercise challenge is a great way to jump-start your fitness lifestyle, push yourself to new limits, reach new goals, and see the squat challenge before and after results you want. But they only work if you stick to them. Here are some quick tips to use when doing any fitness challenge to help you stay on track and have fun while you’re doing it! Invite your friends to join you! Everything is more fun when your best friends do it with you, so make it a team challenge. This way, you will have your friends to keep you accountable, push you, and you can compare your squat challenge results together!

Listen to your favorite music! Even though it does not take too much time out of your day, working out is always more fun when you are listening to the hottest new hit or your favorite indie band.

Share the squat challenge on social media and make a competition out of it with your followers — there’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition.

Don’t think of it as something you have to do, think of it as something you get to do. Nothing makes you feel more powerful than pushing your body to see what you’re really capable of.

Be consistent! Do the exercises for the challenge each day at the same time and in the same place (if possible. I know life is busy, so do this to the best of your ability). When you have a routine to follow, you are more likely to not miss a day, and experience better squat challenge results.

My quick tip for you for this 30 day squat challenge is to find a rhythm! Especially when you get into those high number of squats, you will find that if you have a rhythm with your squat pace, that also falls in line with your breathing, it will be easier to complete the number of squats you need to without having to stop.