Learn How to Bulk Up Your Chicken Legs with These Exercises



To keep a smaller frame, you should be incorporating cardio into your workout program. I love running and walking and am always slimmer when I do cardio.

Plus, they’re both great for leaning out your legs and losing weight. I would try to do cardio around 3 times per week.



My Clean Bulking Checklist

Now that you can see that clean bulking is achieva

Now that you can see that clean bulking is achievable, here is a check list to keep as a daily reminder. Take a screenshot!

Maintain a daily calorie surplus by 10–15% (everyday). Use my simple macronutrient calculator to get starting point numbers to enter into MyNetDiary, MyFitnessPal, or any of my flexible meal plans. Aim to gain 1 lb of body weight per week (for guys) and half of that for girls.  Stop bulking at 17-20% body fat (for guys) and 25–27% for girls Stop cutting at 10–12% for guys and 15–17% for girls. Add 100–200 calories per day if you are not gaining weight or reduce by the same amount if gaining too fast. Undertake heavy compound weight training 3–5 times per week (I used my push-pull-legs guide during my bulk and cut) Keep protein consistently high at around 0.8 grams per lb of body weight per day.  Be patient. You’ll slowly get bigger and keep going until you hit the target body fat range or have bulked for 2–3 months.  It is only during the “cut” that you will start to see the results you’ve worked hard for during the bulk. Cutting will take 4–6 weeks. Total bulk and cut time will be around 4–5 months.

I’m confident that if you follow these guidelines closely , you’ll be able to achieve impressive levels of muscle gain in your first 12 months.

It is extremely important to be patient and to trust this process. Let me know how you go 🙂

Lastly, if you want to take your fitness transformation to another level, check out my free fitness training videos.

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Stay Hydrated

Water is vital for every human being, not only those who have commenced their skinny to fit transformation journey. To that end, it is suggested that one drinks about 10 glasses of water a day plus another 2 glasses before a workout. Then, one should have a glass of water every 15 minutes of intense training (3).

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This should be the initial step and should be simple. You should keep an eye on your nutrition if you desire toned legs without gaining muscular mass.

If you’re a junk food junkie, go for whole grain items because they’re lower in calories.

Low to moderate cardio is recommended (walking). Finally, for the best results, choose the correct resistance training.

The Best Carbs and Fats for Bulking

The following is a list of the best carbs and fats

The following is a list of the best carbs and fats that I prioritised in my own flexible bulking meal plan.

Oatmeal Brown rice Pasta Quinoa Beans Cottage Cheese Sweet Potato, white potato Avocados Peanut butter (so nice!) Nuts Coconut oil, olive oil

Summing It All Up

Bulking and cutting work extremely well… when it’s done the right way.

When that happens, you end up gaining muscle, getting lean, and always looking at least good throughout the entire process, and looking great at the end of it.

But when you do it the typical “wrong” way that so many people do?

That will result in too much body fat (and not enough muscle) be gained while bulking, too much muscle being lost while cutting, and looking like crap both during and after.

To avoid this second scenario and ensure the first one occurs for you, simply follow all of the recommendations covered in this article, and the rest will take care of itself.

If You Have Persistence, Add Resistance

It is proved that resistance training has more of an impact than non-resistance training. The point of resistance training is to increase muscle against external resistance (5). The latter is usually indicated by the use of weights, but there are a number of other pieces of equipment as well, including resistance bands, benches, etc. Indeed, working out with equipment tends to exhaust your muscles much faster than without it.

Even those who have only recently embarked on their skinny to fit journey can apply resistance to their training. It is crucial, however, to regulate its intensity. There is a foolproof method to gauge the ideal resistance intensity for you. What you need is to calculate your one-repetition maximum (1RM), which is the maximum weight you can lift per one repetition. To do this, take the following incremental steps (7):

  1. Warm up.
  2. Do up to 10 reps of the chosen exercise with the weight that comprises 50% of your expected maximum.
  3. Rest for a couple minutes.
  4. Increase the weight to 80% of the expected maximum and do 3-4 reps.
  5. Rest for a couple minutes.
  6. Add another 10% and do a single rep. After a 2-minute rest, increase your weight by the last 10% and perform one rep. The weight you will manage to lift will be your 1RM.

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It is important to perform such an intensity check once a week to keep track of your progress. In fact, the 1RM percentage of your resistance will decrease as you become stronger. As a result, you will have to increase your intensity regularly.

2 Avoid Wide-Leg Shorts

This may sound like a contradiction, but if you have skinny legs, you should make sure to avoid wide-leg shorts. While wide-leg jeans will help make your skinny legs look fuller, wide-leg shorts will only make them look like a pair of sticks. You want to find shorts that fit you well, and the shorter you go, the better it will be. You don’t need a pair of shorts that could pass for panties, but by showcasing your thighs a little bit more, your legs will look a bit fuller. Your thighs are the biggest part of your leg, so make them the first place the eye is drawn to!

5 Buy Some a-Line Skirts

My first piece of advice when it comes to skirts is to always make sure they stop either at the knee, right above the knee, or at the ankles. But when it comes to ways to make your skinny legs look fuller, you should go for A-line skirts that stop mid-calf. By stopping your skirts at the widest, shapeliest part of your calf, you are only revealing what you WANT to be seen. This leaves the “skinny” part of your legs to the imagination, and when people see only the widest part of your leg, they won’t know that the rest of your legs are skinny. So give it a try! The same rule applies for capris.

How To Build Up Skinny Legs Details

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Yoga falls into the group of workouts that bulk up your legs. Yoga and barre are ineffective in making your legs lean.

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If your genetic structure does not allow you to have slender and toned legs, you can still attain them with careful preparation and perseverance.

The ideal strategy for you to do all of this is to concentrate on the aspects of your life over which you have complete control, such as your food and power walking without bulking up.

Now that the ball is in your court, it’s time to get started.

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