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Marketing and Sales apps for Zoom

Here is a list of apps for Zoom that support your sales and marketing efforts.

13. Zoom for Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the most popular CRMs on the market, and Zoom’s cooperating app makes the software even more efficient. The extension allows users to schedule Zoom meetings from within Salesforce, and makes a record of the virtual meetings and audio calls in customer notes. The app also transfers recordings and registrant data from Zoom into Salesforce, eliminating the need to manually enter leads into the platform.

Download the Zoom for Salesforce app.

14. Zoom for Hubspot

Zoom for Hubspot is a video conferencing extension of the popular sales and marketing software. The Hubspot add-on enables users to automatically create Zoom meetings and send reminders within the CRM, as well as import Zoom attendee data into the platform. The app tracks metrics like registration dates, attendance status, and duration of stay, making it easier to measure ROI. The software can also add Zoom recordings into contacts’ conversation histories, saving the step of exporting data between programs. This tool helps sales and marketing professionals more easily track the buyer journey and record the customer relationship without excessive administrative work.

Download Zoom for Hubspot.

15. Gong.io

Gong.io is a sales training tool. Installing the add-on enables the program to automatically record and analyze scheduled video meetings, and provide insights on possible areas of improvement. The app can track occurrences such as competitor mentions or customer reactions to discounts, and also provides a timeline of the full client conversation history.

Download the Gong.io Zoom app.

16. Mailchimp Notifications

This Mailchimp Zoom app sends messages about campaign performance straight into the Zoom chat channel. This add-on enables marketers to analyze the results of campaigns in a streamlined format and is useful for marketing team meetings.

It is worth mentioning that pros can further pair these two programs by integrating the platforms via Zapier extension. This maneuver permits marketers to transfer Zoom emails into Mailchimp, enabling event organizers to more seamlessly communicate with registrants.

Download Mailchimp Notifications.

17. Repurpose.io

Repurpose.io is a handy tool that permits marketers to reshare Zoom recordings to social media. The app allows social media managers to publish full recordings or clips, as well as post in real time or schedule immediately. The extension is compatible with channels including YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Download the Repurpose.io Zoom app.

Asana team organizer

Asana is meant to improve your time management by

Asana is meant to improve your time management by streamlining team collaboration – your team can easily manage tasks and projects, and not waste a minute wondering about who needs to do what, and when.

You’ll be able to:

  • prioritize tasks and projects
  • define deadlines
  • specify project details
  • assign tasks to the most appropriate team members

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to follow the tasks’ progress on a straightforward visual project plan, one which allows you to notice and prevent potential problems, gaps, and overlaps.

One standout Asana feature is its Focus Mode – this mode allows you to see and tackle one task at a time, without feeling tempted to succumb to the dangers of multitasking.

Availability: Web, Android, iOS, Chrome

💡 Asana is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to team organizers – you can find 19 other great team management tools in our list of Best team management software.


About the app

Before we start, here’s a picture of the finished app.

I build this in the portrait orientation, since I want it to be used in Teams meetings. That means, it has to fit in the meeting side panel.

In the upper half you see a classic timer which shows the remaining time and three buttons: Start, Stop and Reset.

You also have four buttons to set the timer to a certain duration. In this case I went for 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 3 minutes and 5 minutes.

In the lower half you see two things:

  1. A slider indicating the remaining time and a bar turning from blue to red as the time runs out.
  2. A pie chart divided into quarters to visualize the remaining time

Accessibility Note:

I’d like to make it very clear in the beginning, that the colors are no coincidence. Initially I started with a classic color scheme: red and green. But then I realized that red-green colorblindness is one of the most common visual disorders. I switched the colors to make sure that everybody can see everything on the screen. Learn more about accessibility.

On all the Power App applications you can find the checker symbol in the upper right corner. It’s a very easy step to make sure that your product (app or flow or slide or whatever) reaches more people. We want to include everyone, correct? Correct! 

Make it look pretty

I will split this part, again, in three parts:

  1. The timer in the upper part
  2. The slider and the chart in the lower part
  3. The background

The timer in the upper part

I added a picture of a timer I’ve made myself. You can download and use it with the whole sample from the PnP Power Apps samples github repository.

You click on Insert > Media > picture to use that picture in your app. Now place it in the middle of the screen (Power Apps helps you with snapping it to the middle if you drag it near the middle).

Now you can remove the border and background from your…

  • Timer input
  • The Start Button
  • The Stop Button
  • And the Reset Button

In the Timer properties, change these values to transparent:

I did the same for the Start, Stop and Reset Button and placed them in the middle of a circle icon, I’ve added (Insert > Icon > Circle). Place the button over the circle icon and align it in the middle and in the center. You do that by right-clicking on the button and use the align feature. With Reorder you can also place the icon under the button.

Now select the icon and the button and group them (Ctrl+G), so you can place them in the spare holes of the timer picture.

In the end I group the whole timer pictures and all controls and labels to place them easily.

The slider and the chart in the lower part

I set the size and position values of the circles like this, but you can place them wherever you like:

Now for the slider. Set the size and position values like this:

Set the Handle size value to 50.

Set the Rail value to 20.

The four-colored scale behind the timer are four rectangle icons that I placed over each other.

The colors

Now there is one last step, you have to set all the correct colors, And of course, I have another little trick, if you are lazy (like me).

I like to set all the colors I’m going to use in an app in a variable. Then I can set the Fill or color value for each element to the name of the variable and don’t have to remember the hexcode for every color over and over again.

You want to set those variables on the OnStart property of the app itself, so the colors will show when, you start the app.

Here is the function that I used:

 Here is an overview on variables and their purposes. 


the background of the app


Color property of the timer

Color property of the Duration buttons on the right

Color property of the scale labels next to the timer


Fill property of the duration buttons on the right

Fill property of the buttons to start, stop and reset the timer

ValueFill property of the slider


Color property of the icons around the circles


HoverFill property of the timer

HoverFill property of the Duration buttons on the right

HoverFill property of the buttons to start, stop and reset the timer


HandleFill property of the slider

Fill property of the red circle


Fill property from the bottom rectangle behind the slider


Fill property from the next larger rectangle behind the slider


Fill property of the blue circle on top

Fill property of the three-quarter circle

Fill property of the half circle

Fill property of the quarter circle


Fill property from the second largest rectangle behind the slider


Fill property from the largest rectangle behind the slider

The result should look a lot like this:

As you can see, I added Fluent UI Icons on the buttons of the timer (if you don’t know how to use them, have a look at this awesome blog from Luise Freese), four lines around the circle to indicate quarters and halves and an arrow to make it look nice.

The lines around the circles are arrow icons.

The round arrow, is an image I uploaded. You can find it in my sample on PnP Power Platform Samples (you can also find the timer image and the icons. Everything’s included).

Final Thoughts

While some folks have still yet to master remembering to unmute the mic before speaking during a call, many professionals are ready and willing to upgrade and optimize their Zoom experiences. Zoom apps expand the video call platform’s capabilities and take remote meetings to the next level. These extensions save time and increase impact, and help remote workers become even more efficient with minimal effort.

For more ways to use the software, check out this list of Zoom team building games and these ideas to make Zoom meetings fun.

We also have a list of the best team building apps.

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