Modem keeps resetting- How to fix


How to Reset a Router

  1. Keep your router plugged in. 
  2. Find your router’s reset button. This will be on the back or the bottom of your router. 
  3. Use a paperclip to hold down the reset button for 30 seconds. 
  4. Release the button. 
  5. Wait for the router to power back on. 

If your router doesn’t have a reset button, you will have to reset it using its configuration web interface. 


Modems are queer networking devices. Therefore, if your modem keeps resetting itself, you might have to put in some effort to find the exact issue behind the bigger problem. However, more often than not, you can expect the concern to be from the aforementioned list, which then would require the implementation of the corresponding solution at the earliest.


Step 3: Update any related apps

Many modern routers offer apps that you can downlo

Many modern routers offer apps that you can download on mobile devices to manage your router settings or view router usage reports.

If you use one of these apps, you should also visit your app settings and update to the most recent version. It’s a small but important step you should take. The same is true if your router uses a voice assistant app or something similar.

How to change your modem’s password from the default setting

Now that you’ve set your modem username and password to their default settings, you’ll want to make sure you change your password.

I know what you’re thinking. Why do I need to change my password? I just changed it by resetting it.

The reason for this is that the default password of your modem isn’t a secret. If you can remember, we previously described how there are forums online that list the default passwords of commonly used modems and routers.

If your modem has a default password, it makes it very easy for hackers to log in to it. All they have to do is find a way to connect to your home network and the rest is easy from there.

There’s no limit to what hackers can do to your network and devices if they get access to your modem, so it’s best to make it as secure as possible.

Try to think of a long passphrase that you won’t forget, or use a password manager to generate a password for you. This simple step of changing your password away from the default password goes a long way toward securing your home network.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my router cause my modem to reset?

No, it is not possible for a router to reset/reboot a modem

Why do I constantly have to restart my modem?

Restarting a modem constantly fixes several issues on your equipment. However, if you have to restart it more than a few times every month, contact your Internet Service Provider for further clarification.

How do I find my modem’s default password?

If you’ve never logged in to your modem before, you’ll be able to do so with the default username and password that come with the modem.

Where can you find this information?

There are a few different places to look.

On the modem’s sticker

A good place to start is by looking at the sticker on your modem. This sticker will provide a lot of useful information like:

  • The default username and password to log in to the modem
  • Your modem’s make and model
  • The IP address of your modem, which you can use to access the device’s management console

On my Netgear CM600 modem, the sticker is on the bottom of the device.

As you can see, the default username of my device

As you can see, the default username of my device is “admin” and the default password is “password”.

If for some reason the sticker on your device doesn’t have this information, all hope is not lost.

In the modem’s user manual

Another place where you can find the default username and password of your modem is in the user’s manual for the device.

Even if you don’t have the hard copy of your manual, you’ll probably be able to find a digital copy online. For example, the owner’s manual of my Netgear CM600 can be found on Netgear’s website.

Within the digital user manual, there’s a section that details how to change the device’s password.

In this section the default username and password

In this section the default username and password are provided. As you can see, this is the same information that is displayed on my modem’s sticker.

In online forums

If for some reason you still can’t find the default username and password for your modem, there’s one final place you can check.

Many online forums list the default usernames and passwords for a lot of common modems and routers. For example, check out this list of usernames and passwords for Netgear routers.

The username and password for my CM600 modem is not on this list, but take a step back and look at what most of the default login credentials are. The vast majority of them have the same default username (“admin”) and password (“password”).

Based upon this information alone, it would make sense for me to try “admin” and “password” to log into my modem. In my case, this would be the correct information if I have never changed my modem’s password before.

Although this is convenient for those who are looking to log in to their modems, it’s also a serious security risk for the owners of these devices. We will get into this in more depth later.

Resetting a router remotely

Maybe you don’t have physical access to the router

Maybe you don’t have physical access to the router, or your router is in a less-accessible spot, and you’re groaning at the thought of getting to it. For many routers, you can reboot with access to the right website. You will need to know your public IP address for your router — and some websites can help you out with this. Search your public IP address, and this should give you access to your router’s administrative page (this is also a good idea for the steps above if you don’t know how to find this website). Again, your password information will be needed here.

While every router brand has a different kind of site, most offer options to reboot your router remotely. Search the site for the word “reboot” or look at your router tools until you find the right option.

Note: Make sure that you are rebooting/resetting and not doing a full factory reset. For router apps, in particular, reset options are often factory resets, not simpler reboots. Look carefully at the description before starting the process. Otherwise, you might find yourself disconnected from Wi-Fi when your router wipes your settings back to default.