Multiple Search and Replace -Find and replace text in many files


Find and Replace control

  • Press Ctrl+F as a shortcut to find a string in the current file.
  • Press Ctrl+H as a shortcut to find and replace a string in the current file.

The Find and Replace control appears in the upper right corner of the code editor window. It immediately highlights every occurrence of the given search string in the current document. You can navigate from one occurrence to another by choosing the Find Next button or the Find Previous button on the search control.

You can access replacement options by choosing the button next to the Find text box. To make one replacement at a time, choose the Replace Next button next to the Replace text box. To replace all matches, choose the Replace All button.

To change the highlight color for matches, choose the Tools menu, select Options, and then choose Environment, and select Fonts and Colors. In the Show settings for list, select Text Editor, and then in the Display items list, select Find Match Highlight.

Search tool windows

You can use the Find control in code or text windows, such as Output windows and Find Results windows, by selecting Edit > Find and Replace or pressing Ctrl+F.

A version of the Find control is also available in some tool windows. For example, you can filter the list of controls in the Toolbox window by entering text in the search box. Other tool windows that allow you to search their contents include Solution Explorer, the Properties window, and Team Explorer.


This is a little command-line utility that takes what receives in input and passes it as argument to another program. So in this example the output of grep is passed to the next command sed as its argument.


Fine tuning 1: how to exclude directories while searching

You can add the --exclude-dir=<dir> parameter to grep if you want to skip a specific directory while searching for files. For example, say you want to skip the tests/ directory:

Exclude multiple directories by wrapping them into curly braces, like so:

Final Words:

This article guides you to choose the best tool while replace texts from a number of files in bulk and helps you about how to find and replace texts from multiple files. You can save your valuable times and less your efforts by using the tools. FNR.exe and FAR.exe are the best two among all the freeware available in the web. Valuable suggestions are appreciated via ‘Contact form’.