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Oct 15, 2017

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    “First tried the screw methodology. Did not work, it simply tousled the cork. Pushed a knife into the cork and wiggled it. Then thumped the blunt finish of a fork into the cork and it fell by means of into the bottle, the wine obtained in my hair however I loved it. Thanks!” …” extra

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Lever Corkscrew

When utilizing this kind of corkscrew to open the wine bottle, there may be probably no approach you would go improper. Many view the lever corkscrew as being the very best software for inexperienced persons for being straightforward to make use of. On the identical time, it retains the standard really feel one will get from utilizing a hand-operated wine bottle opener. That is an environment friendly and reliable software that doesn’t require a lot power. You may also get lever corkscrews in desk mounted variations.

How To Use:

  • Have the corkscrew lever positioned within the up place.
  • Then place the corkscrew on high of your bottle.
  • To insert the worm, push down the lever.
  • As soon as the lever has gone down all the best way, pull the lever deal with again up in order to get the cork out of the wine bottle.

Whereas this kind of wine opener takes up a lot of house, it’s straightforward to make use of. And it makes a daring fashionable assertion about you when it’s put in as a everlasting residence fixture.


Twist Pull Corkscrew

Although pretty cheap, the twist and pull corkscrew could be very dependable. Crucial part of this corkscrew is the worm. This corkscrew is designed with a round rim that you’ll place over the bottle’s lip. This design facilities the worm above the cork.

How To Use:

  • Twist the worm into the cork.
  • The corkscrew will get braced towards the wine bottle.
  • As you proceed twisting, the cork begins to emerge.

The twist & pull corkscrew is usually not straightforward to make use of and is really useful for particular moments once you really feel like displaying off. In case you use low-cost fashions of the twist & pull corkscrew, you may very simply mess up a cork.

Absolute Worst Methods to Try to Open Wine

If the kitchen torch idea sounded wildly harmful, realize it's nonetheless thought of safer than these following strategies. Our specialists adamantly reject this set of "hacks" for opening wine with out a corkscrew:

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By no means Open Wine with a Wire Hanger

The mildest unanimous "no" was for the wire hanger corkscrew, the place you trend one out of a garments hanger. This lands within the "worst" class not for security causes, however for its ineffectualness. The issue right here is leverage—"It'd be arduous to get sufficient to open it cleanly," says Brickel. Contributing to that’s its lack of power. As Ortiz factors out, it's not a powerful sufficient materials to carry its form, nor sharp sufficient to chop right into a cork, though insertion will not be that tough.

By no means Open Wine with a Knife

Then there's screwing into the cork with a key or serrated knife. "There's no approach I might really feel comfy recommending this," says Brickel. "I worth my fingers and yours an excessive amount of to contemplate stabbing at a wine cork with a knife. Keep away from, please and thanks!"

Security apart, it additionally simply isn't efficient. "This sometimes doesn't work and it disintegrates the cork," says Selinger. Ortiz echoes that time, saying, "Even when you may get the knife or key in efficiently with out damaging your hand, it wouldn't have the precise grip to get the cork out properly; it'd shred it and nobody likes cork bits floating of their wine."

By no means Open Wine with a Shoe or by Hitting It Towards the Wall

Lastly, there may be the bottle-smacking strategies. All of them have been equally upsetting to our panel. The commonest one is to wrap the bottle in a towel and gently hit it towards the wall. "Don’t do that. It's silly," Selinger says flatly. And though Ortiz generously concedes, "Have folks finished it efficiently? Sure," however follows up by shortly saying "Does that make it a good suggestion or protected? No."

He has the identical feeling about wrapping it in a towel, holding it the other way up, then smacking it with the underside of a shoe. "Smacking bottles is usually a great way to ship vibrations by means of the glass that may trigger shattering. Think about holding a bottle upside-down whereas hitting it with sufficient pressure to pop a cork—it's more likely to fly out of your hand and smash on the ground. And if the cork comes out whereas the bottle is upside-down, you’ll lose all of your wine to gravity."

At that time, "Simply drink a beer," Selinger advises drily.

Open a Waxed Wine Bottle

In case you’ve obtained a wax-sealed wine bottle, chances are you’ll be tempted to chop by means of the wax as if it have been foil. You need to observe that temptation. As a result of that’s the appropriate factor to do.

There could also be a pull-tab on the wax, too. In that case, nice. Pull that and also you’ll be capable of take away the wax simply. But when not, simply lower the wax cleanly together with your corkscrew’s knife across the bottle’s neck. You then’ll be capable of carry off the highest of the wax like foil. Then it’s enterprise as typical.

The Greatest Methods to Open Wine With out a Bottle Opener

With that PSA out of the best way: Is there a protected and dependable method to open a bottle of wine with out a corkscrew? Our panel reluctantly concedes that there are two. They're removed from supreme and our professionals undoubtedly don't encourage experimentation with these measures, however when determined instances name, these could be the reply:

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Push the Wine Cork In, Moderately Than Taking It Out

Pushing the cork in with a blunt, slim object just like the deal with of a wood spoon is better of all of the MacGyver-inspired choices. "You are able to do this in a pinch," says Selinger. "It leaves particles behind, however it's not the worst possibility." And Ortiz confessed this being his go-to throughout his school years.

Nonetheless, Brickel cautions one caveat: "I might keep away from this methodology with previous or poorly-stored wine, as a dried-out cork will wreck the entire expertise." And when pouring, Ortiz says to "be sure that the cork is bobbing sideways so it doesn't block the circulation of wine."

Open Wine With a Bike Pump or Ball Pump

One other resolution they contemplate acceptable (with reservations) is the bike or ball pump methodology. This includes stabbing the needle of the pump into the cork and slowly, rigorously pushing air into the bottle till the cork ultimately rises up. "That is really extremely intelligent!," says Brickel. "There are some very costly wine openers on the market that principally do that identical factor; air strain might be your buddy."

Solely caveat right here is the apparent query: "Why would I’ve a motorcycle pump and never a wine key?!" Selinger jokes.

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Open a Bottle of Wine with Scissors

Another last resort you can use to open a bottle o

One other final resort you need to use to open a bottle of wine in the event you don’t have any sharp knives or a screwdriver is with a pair of scissors. That’s proper! A pair of scissors can work in a pinch to open a bottle of wine. We realized this trick from considered one of our pals who’s an elementary college trainer. Let’s go over learn how to do it.


  1. Search for a pair of scissors which are comparatively sharp. They will even should be skinny sufficient to pierce a wine cork. In the event that they’re too broad this methodology received’t work.
  2. Take away the foil off your bottle of wine utilizing the scissors or just by peeling it off.
  3. Now pierce the cork with the tip of 1 aspect of the scissors and push the blade about an inch into the cork. Watch out of the opposite aspect of the scissors! The opposite blade can also be sharp and in the event you slip you would harm your self.
  4. As soon as the scissor blade is securely within the cork, start twisting the bottle in a round movement to get the cork free.
  5. After the cork is free and also you’ve obtained momentum spinning the bottle, start slowly pulling the cork up and out of the bottle.
  6. You need to make a little bit progress every time you twist the bottle. Don’t rush this course of! In case you pull too arduous the scissor blade will merely pull out of the cork and also you’ll have to begin over once more. It’s additionally a lot more durable to do in the event you’ve already pierced the cork as soon as with the scissors. Have persistence and do it proper the primary time!
  7. After a number of twists and pulls, the cork needs to be midway out. At this level, you may both hold pulling with the scissors to get the cork fully out, or you may normally simply seize the cork together with your fingers and pull it out the remainder of the best way.
  8. After the cork is out you may pull it off the scissors and benefit from the bottle you opened!

Open a Wine Bottle With out a Corkscrew

You’re making an attempt to open a wine bottle with out a bottle opener, wine opener, or corkscrew. You’re not alone. It’s an oft-searched matter on the web. And, the web being the web, there are many options on the market. Listed here are probably the most fool-proof.

Open a Wine Bottle with a Lighter

That is our favourite method to open a wine bottle with out a wine opener. However please watch out. It includes fireplace.

First, take away the foil or wax to reveal the cork. Then use a lighter and apply the flame on the neck of the bottle, simply beneath the place the cork is. The concept is to warmth the air beneath the cork. This causes the air to develop and push the cork upward.

Rotate the position of the lighter across the bottle’s neck to be sure to’re heating all of the air. In a minute or two, you’ll see the cork creeping upwards and out.

That is our most well-liked methodology as a result of there’s no threat in breaking the cork and it's nothing one thing you learn about wine from a guide.

Open a Wine Bottle with a Key

One other method to open a bottle of wine with out a bottle opener is with a normal home key. This fashion is much much less elegant than utilizing a lighter. And it excels with artificial corks versus wood corks.

Seize a towel and a key. Level your key at a 45-degree angle and insert the tip into the cork. Simply off one of many sides and pointing towards the middle of the cork. The aim is to skewer the cork at an angle, crossing the middle. As soon as the secret is inserted, seize the towel and place it over the important thing so you may press the important thing down forcefully. Achieve this till the important thing’s tooth are nearly fully within the cork.

Then, key firmly in place, attempt to transfer it circularly whereas lifting a bit. Do that repeatedly till the cork begins shifting slowly upward. Make sure to not carry the important thing too aggressively, otherwise you’ll simply pull it out of the cork. Or make the cork crumble into the wine. Tannins in wine is one factor, however cork in wine is one other factor fully.

Open a Wine Bottle with a Knife

Right here’s learn how to open a bottle with out a wine bottle opener in a really related method to the important thing methodology above.

You’ll take a comparatively sharp steak knife (a butter knife received’t work as nicely, and you need to keep away from a folding knife for security causes). The aim is to skewer the center of the cork downward and at an angle. So insert the knife simply off the sting of the cork, angled towards the middle. Push it down about an inch. You then’ll have a ok grip on the cork to begin pushing or pulling it circularly.

Ultimately, the cork will loosen and are available up a bit. It’s principally the important thing methodology however with a knife.

There are just a few concerns to make primarily based on extra distinctive types of wine, nonetheless.

Open a Wine Bottle with a Shoe

And at last, the masterpiece. Essentially the most epic and clever method to open a wine bottle with out a wine key. With a shoe.

It’s a little bit identified reality that each sommelier learns learn how to open up a wine bottle with a shoe throughout their certifications. Simply in case.

That’s not true. Sorry.

Let’s simply get into it. Place the wine bottle into the shoe, its base upright the place your heel would normally relaxation. Discover a arduous floor, a brick wall ideally, and hit the underside of the shoe’s heel on it repeatedly. After just a few strikes, the cork ought to have moved up barely. At that time you may wrestle it out together with your hand.

And, belief us, there may be nothing extra charming than opening a bottle of wine with a shoe and pouring it straight right into a nice wine decanter. Right here’s an ideal useful resource about how to decant wine in the event you’re intrigued. You may also be taught how to clean a decanter so your crystal can shine vivid.

Parting Ideas

Shopping for a bottle of wine then realizing you don’t have any method to open it is without doubt one of the most irritating issues – particularly in the event you’re on trip. Fortunate for you, you now know learn how to open a bottle of wine with a screwdriver, in addition to a number of different methods you may safely open a bottle of wine with out an opener. You may even open a bottle of wine with a spoon!

We hope you discovered this text informative and helpful! You probably have further methods you’ve found out learn how to open a bottle of wine with out an opener or a better method to open a bottle of wine with a screwdriver, tell us within the feedback beneath.

Having a number of methods to open a bottle of wine in a pinch isn’t a foul factor! You would possibly find yourself being the person or girl of the social gathering

To dwelling a full-bodied life,