Replacing Damaged & Jacked Up Currency



  • Contact the Bureau of Engraving and Printing Mutilated Currency Division by calling (866) 575-2361 if you have any questions about your shipment.

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Does a bank have to accept mutilated money

Answered By: Landon Martin Date: created: Feb 03 2022

You might have “mutilated” money. … The Federal Reserve does not accept deposits of mutilated currency from banks. In this case, special examination is required by pros at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) before any exchange is made.

Asked By: Graham Henderson Date: created: Mar 05 2021

Will bank replace damaged money Philippines?

MANILA, Philippines—The public may still replace their damaged peso bills in banks as long as they meet minimum requirements for size, the presence of security features and have not been purposely tampered with, according to the central bank.

Do banks accept torn bills Philippines?

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) on Wednesday reminded all authorized agent banks (AABs) to accept mutilated or doubtful currencies from the public, pursuant to BSP Circular 829.

What happens next?

If it is not possible to directly exchange your money at a Bundesbank branch, it generally takes four to six weeks from the time the money is lodged with a Bundesbank branch until reimbursement is made or reimbursement is denied in writing.

In particularly difficult or labour-intensive cases, the examination process may take several months.

Replacing euro and DM banknotes

The Bundesbank replaces damaged genuine euro and DM banknotes if more than half of the note is still intact or it can be proven that the rest of the note has been destroyed.

Submissions of banknotes that have been treated with chemical or other hazardous substances must be accompanied by a written declaration specifying what substances have been used (eg material safety data sheet).

Deliberately damaged euro banknotes will not be replaced. The same applies to euro and DM banknotes that have already been devalued by a Bundesbank branch.

Banknotes are generally replaced by the Bundesbank free of charge.

Do banks take moldy money

Answered By: Logan Morgan Date: created: Nov 30 2020

The bank will just send it back to the Federal Reserve to be destroyed. Either spend it, thereby passing it on, or take it to a bank and trade it for non-smelly money. Wash them with water, then iron them.