Select multiple tabs in Chrome


Author: Sergey Tkachenko

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12. Close Tabs in Different Ways

Google Chrome offers multiple ways to close current tabs. You can either close all other tabs except the one that you are using or close the tabs on the right side of the existing tab. For that, right-click on the tab, and select the preferred option.

Pro Tip: Rearrange the tabs in such a way that the ones that you need are on the left side. Then, close the unnecessary ones present on the right side with a single click.

3. Open Link in New Tab

To open a link in a new tab, we usually right-click on it and select the New tab option. Alternatively, if your mouse has a middle button, click on it to open the link in a new tab in Chrome. You can also press the Ctrl + left mouse key to open it in a new tab.

How to close multiple tabs without first selecting

Chrome, Firefox and other modern browsers can close multiple tabs without first selecting them. This option is easier to find.

To find this option, right-click a tab in the browser’s bar tab. After that, options like ‘Close Other Tabs’ can be selected to close all tabs except the current tabs in the browser window or ‘Close Tabs to the Right’ to close the tabs on the right of the current tab. in. You can drag and drop tabs to reorder them before doing this.

Hope you are succesful.