Sinus Pressure Points to Relieve Sinus Pressure, Congestion, and Pain


1. Between your eyes

Location: Between the eyebrows, higher than the no

Location: Between the eyebrows, greater than the nostril bridge, the place your eyebrow ridges meet. And that is the place you can be focusing.

Instructions: Merely press or faucet on this superb strain level for about one minute.

Outcomes: This can have your mucus secreting accurately, which means your sinuses gained't dry up and get infected. It can relieve strain out of your frontal sinuses. This therapeutic massage can maintain colds and rhinitis at bay too. Taping just a little bead of plastic or glass on this level will even show you how to nod off at night time when you have hassle doing so. Different outcomes you would see are improved focus and even instinct. This level helps activate a area of your mind that reduces nervous pressure. It might even assist with the regeneration of the pores and skin round your eyes and mouth. 


Sinus Strain Factors on the Again of the Head and Neck

There are areas across the neck and base of the cranium that current a possibility to alleviate sinus strain. The strain factors in these areas are situated in delicate, cavity-like areas the place the neck and cranium adjoin. There are two such factors.

One in every of them is the precise level the place the neck meets the cranium. It’s proper in the course of the neck/head, close to the bottom of your hairline.

To search out it, place your finger at your hairline and transfer it both up or down till you discover the cavity. By squeezing the purpose together with your thumb for about 5 minutes, it might assist clear sinus strain.

The opposite space is discovered on the neck near the bottom of the cranium. The factors are situated on the highest level of the neck, just under the bottom of the cranium.

To search out it, place each of your thumbs on the prime of your neck level and slowly separate them till you are feeling the cavities (they need to be about three inches aside). Entry the purpose by urgent barely in and up and holding for about 5 minutes.

Different Pure Methods to Get Rid of Sinus Strain

Beneath are another choices to indicate you how one can relieve sinus ache with out doing facial reflexology.

  • Use a humidifier: Moist air retains the sinuses lubricated so that they don’t turn out to be irritated.
  • Use a saline spray: Saline nasal sprays are good for lubricating the liner of the nasal passage. A sizzling bathe may even assist to get moisture into the sinuses.
  • Hold hydrated: Staying hydrated is essential, particularly by consuming sizzling drinks. Ginger tea with lemon has anti-inflammatory properties and can assist increase your immune system, and it additionally gives your physique with nutritional vitamins and vitamins to assist struggle off the an infection inflicting strain and ache.
  • Heat compresses: Putting a heat compress (which might be finished at residence with a face fabric and heat water) in your face whereas mendacity down will assist cut back sinus strain.
  • Elevate your head at night time: Propping your self up with a couple of pillows will permit the mucus to empty higher.
  • Eucalyptus: Eucalyptus is an anti-inflammatory herb, so consuming tea or inhaling steam with eucalyptus oil in it could possibly filter out the nasal passages.

Sinus Strain Factors

1. Both Facet of Your Nostrils

These are pressure points which can be situated on both facet of the nostril. Whereas making use of strain, press down either side to empty mucus successfully and relieve ache.

2. Bridge of The Nose

2. Bridge of The Nostril

That is the purpose the place your nostril connects to the ridge of your eyebrows. Activate this level by gently urgent in and upwards. This helps relieve ache in a simpler method.

3. Between Eyes

3. Between Eyes

Above your nostril and between your eyebrows on the level the place your eyebrows meet. You’ll be able to gently faucet at this level or press downwards to launch mucus extra successfully.

4. Under Cheeks

4. Underneath Cheeks

This level is situated straight till the pupil close to the cheekbone. It’s a tender level and apply mild strain when urgent across the areas of the cheekbone.

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3. Your nostril bridge

Location: At the top of your nose where it joins t

Location: On the prime of your nostril the place it joins the eyebrow ridge.

Instructions: Press inwards and upwards concurrently. It’s doable to carry this strain for as much as 5 minutes. However first it’s best to experiment with briefer durations.

Outcomes: Many people instinctively put strain on this level when we have now a headache, that’s as a result of this level helps relieve strain behind your eyes. By doing so it could possibly additionally wake your eyes up. 

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Why are sinus complications and migraines confused for each other? 

So, the reply to the query, “Can you’ve got sinus strain however now congestion?” is: not going. However you can have a migraine whether or not you’re congested or not, and that is the place the principle level of confusion arises.The basis trigger behind migraines continues to be up for debate. Nevertheless the prevailing concept is that migraines are brought on by neurological points within the mind. Even so, the signs of sinus strain can overlap with signs of a migraine. For instance, sufferers affected by both sinus strain or migraines can expertise drainage, watery eyes, and naturally, facial ache. 

It’s a generally held perception that individuals who expertise migraines have ache on the one facet or the otherof their head. Whereas this concept is true for a lot of people, many others expertise ache of their cheeks and brow — ie, in the very same place the place you’ll expertise sinus strain. And a few individuals expertise sinus strain on one facet of their head.Individuals who expertise migraines additionally ceaselessly declare that elements akin to climate adjustments, allergic reactions, and congestion can act as triggers (albeit not as causes) for his or her complications — contributing elements additionally shared with sinus complications.

Sinus Ache and Strain Causes

There are various kinds of sinuses, every of which might trigger completely different sinus ache signs. The photographs under present what causes sinus strain in numerous areas of your face, neck and head and might be useful to pinpoint aid or focus on together with your physician.



Ethmoid sinuses causes ache between the eyes and throughout the nostril.


Maxillary sinuses causes ache within the cheeks, higher jaw or enamel.


Sphenoid sinuses causes ache behind the eyes, on the highest of the scalp or alongside the again of the top.

Methods to use strain factors to alleviate sinus strain?

To relieve sinus pressure, one can strive acupressure themselves. 

  • Sit in entrance of a mirror to find the strain factors on the face.
  • Then, gently apply strain on the factors for not less than 3 minutes. Should you really feel your fingers should not doing the job appropriately, then you should use the eraser tip of a pencil.
  • For higher outcomes, repeat this a few occasions for a couple of days. 

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