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The slow TV debut: Oslo to Bergen

State broadcaster pioneered the concept in 2009 with the live broadcast of the famous Oslo to Bergen railway journey, filmed from the perspective of the driver at the front of the train.

The Oslo to Bergen train
The Oslo to Bergen train

The famous 500km railway reaches over 1,200 metres above sea level as it crosses the Hardangervidda plateau in central Norway. When the scenic views were interrupted by the 182 tunnels on the line, the show broadcast interviews with passengers, former workers and historians.

It is estimated that at least 25% of Norwegians watched at least part of the broadcast!

Since then, shows have included the full length of the Hurtigruten coastal ferry journey, a knitting marathon, and an oddly compelling all-night bonfire.


2. Reset Network Equipment

Sometimes, equipment like your wireless router or cable modem needs a refresh. Try resetting these items to see if it helps. If you can’t figure out a way to reset this equipment, you can usually just unplug the device, wait a few seconds, then plug the device back in.

6. Upgrade Software

If you’re using a device such as a Roku, Android, or iPhone, ensure that you have the latest version of the Netflix software installed.


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Kick the kids (off the Wi-Fi)

Think of your internet connection as a pipe full of water. There’s only so much water to go around. If you’re trying to stream in the living room, but the rest of the family is also trying to stream in other rooms, there might not be enough “water” to go around. Everyone will have issues.

Who gets priority in that case, I’ll leave up to you. No way I’m touching that one.

That said, moving some devices to wired instead of wireless might help that aspect of your overall home network performance. You might also try downloading your favorite shows and movies to devices such as phones and tablets to watch around the house when a balky internet connection precludes streaming.