Someone is controlling my computer they locked me out of it


Someone is in my computer!

By far the most common situation is that your computer is not being remotely controlled and you’re not being spied on. Much more common is that software, accounts, or equipment are not behaving as expected for more mundane reasons. The same basic security you should already be following still applies. If you do determine that you are being spied on, then locating trustworthy help for diagnosis and repair is critical.

How to Stop Someone from Accessing Your Computer

How can you stop others from accessing your PC? You need to take action to protect your computer from these snoopers. There are three easy ways given below that can help you secure your computer.

Way 1: Update Your Password

If your password is old or easy to guess, it means it’s super easy for anyone to get in. so change your password immediately and make sure not to tell anyone.

Way 2: Remember to Lock Your Screen

If you are sure your new password is strong enough, the second step is to develop a habit of locking your screen every time you move away from the laptop.

It is so because when you lock your screen, the snooper will log out as well, and he will need a passcode to enter again. In most devices, the “lock screen” option appears next to “shutdown” in the main menu.

Way 3: Log Out of Everything Everywhere

Another method is to log out everything everywhere. It will log you and the snoopers out. But the good part is, you can log in back with the new password, while the snooper can’t. Hence it will be easier for you to keep a check on your computer’s activity.


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1: No, I don’t have data to cite here, other than my own experience answering questions for close to 20 years. I’m tempted to say the actual figure is closer to 99%.