TBS speeds up Engvall project


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TBS canceled CeeLo Greens show after his assault trial

Jennifer Graylock/Getty Images Jennifer Graylock/Getty Images

According to CNN, CeeLo Green was accused of sexual assault over a July 2012 incident in which he allegedly gave a woman the drug ecstasy without her knowledge and then took her to a hotel room. Per NBC News, the woman claimed she woke up, naked, with no recollection of what had transpired with Green the previous evening. Avoiding a potentially long prison sentence, Green entered a no contest plea and was sentenced in 2014 to attend drug rehabilitation meetings and to perform 360 hours of community service.

Four days later, Green went on a Twitter spree (via BuzzFeed), essentially admitting to the assault but then justifying his actions, further cementing his part in one of TBS’s biggest scandals. One tweet read, “If someone is passed out they’re not even WITH you consciously! so WITH Implies consent.”

At the time of Green’s sentencing and tweet-storm, he’d just finished filming a season of a reality show about his life for TBS called “The Good Life.” One day after Green tweeted what he tweeted, TBS canceled the series (via TheWrap), citing poor ratings.

TBS canceled a Louis C.K. show before it aired

Shutterstock Shutterstock

From 2010 to 2015, FX aired “Louie,” an introspective dramedy from extremely popular stand-up comedian and filmmaker Louis C.K. The show also earned 22 Emmy nominations and won twice in the comedy writing category, so TBS was eager to form an alliance from C.K. In January 2017, Entertainment Weekly announced that the network had ordered an animated series called “The Cops,” created by C.K. He also voiced one of the two main characters (with comedy legend Albert Brooks), ineffectual Los Angeles police officers. The show, planned to debut in 2018, was meant to be a flagship series in TBS’s burgeoning original comedy lineup, alongside “Final Space” and the newly acquired “American Dad!”

But then the #MeToo movement happened, and C.K. was called out for his past activities of an unwanted and sexual nature. After The New York Times reported that C.K. had performed an act on himself and forced female colleagues with less clout to observe him, on five separate occasions, TBS suspended production on “The Cops,” according to Deadline. After closing the show’s production facilities and laying off animators, TBS announced in January 2018 that “The Cops” would never get made and would never air.

Does Nick Nite speed up friends?

Not only were the programs sped-up, but whole scenes were cut out. Episodes that first clocked in at 25and a half minutes were now 19 minutes. Just awful. There is nothing on Nick at Night that I watch these days.

Gear used

The rotations and dps numbers presented here are based on optimal gear for phase 1, with the slight change that all sets use two-handed weapons to enable melee weaving. For fights where it is impossible to weave at all, this may be a slight disadvantage due to the fact that fist weapons can use weightstones that give melee and ranged critical strike rating, whereas all reasonable two-handed weapons can only use sharpening stones that give only melee critical strike rating. All sharpening and weightstones also increase weapon damage for melee and ranged combat, although weapon damage does not increase steady shot damage. Obviosly, with two-handed weapons we can also only use one of these stones, whereas with two one-handed weapons we can use two such stones.

The sets and their stats

  • BM P1 BiS set
    • Raw stats: 1823 AP (607 Agi), 21.48% Crit, 6.09% Hit
    • With talents & buffs & debuffs: 3063 AP, 39.79% Crit, hitcapped
  • SV P1 BiS set
    • Raw stats: 1866 AP (690 Agi), 19.12% Crit, 3.61% Hit
    • With talents & buffs & debuffs: 3375 AP, 44.33% Crit, hitcapped
    • Fully buffed this set has 1101 agility for a bonus of 275 AP from Expose weakness

There is also an overview of buffs and debuffs that we can expect in a raid environment. For more info on gear, see also Veramos’ sheet and videos in the resources section.

Stat weights

Stat weights are useful to compare individual items that do not greatly change the balance of stats. They are not useful for comparing hugely different sets and can be misleading in such situations. Ideally, each set should be simulated individually. In addition, stat weights can and do change depending on the buffs we have.

With this caveat, stat weights can be calculated for the sets shown here.


This overview would have been impossible to complete without others, especially on the Classic & TBC Hunter Discord. In no particular order, thanks go out to Aegeagh, Chitzen, Kanja for inventing the French rotation, Tragnar, BradBlondeBeard, Veramos for gear choices, Ocisly for pushing survival, Wdwune for contributing to the code, Antiserum for discussing weaving rotations, Sixx for weaving, and Bouk who has gone missing recently. This applies to this guide and the library as well.