Tennis Balls As Dryer Sheets?



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Are dryer balls worth it

Answered By: Michael King Date: created: Feb 21 2022

“Because the wool from the dryer balls is so absorbent, dryer balls can reduce drying time by 10 to 25 percent. Ultimately, over-drying can damage clothes as well as increase static. You can also use lower temperature settings with dryer balls, which also helps reduce damage to clothes.”

Asked By: Matthew Mitchell Date: created: Dec 03 2021

How do you dry a comforter without a tennis ball?

Don’t have tennis balls? You can use balls of aluminum foil in a pinch. For extra drying power, throw a dry, clean bath towel into the dryer, as well. After 15-20 minutes, remove the towel but don’t take the tennis balls out.

Are tennis balls the same as dryer balls

Answered By: Brian Alexander Date: created: Oct 28 2021

Dryer balls come in a variety of different materials like wool, plastic, and rubber, whereas standard tennis balls are made of felt or nylon and rubber.

Asked By: George Watson Date: created: Oct 29 2020

Fluff Up Comforters and Pillows

When you're washing anything down-filled, such as a comforter or bed pillows, adding a few new, clean tennis balls to the dryer will help fluff them up. If you're ever pulled a freshly-washed pillow out of the dryer to find it had become lumpy and misshapen, the tennis ball trick can prevent that.

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Q: What is the longest lasting tennis ball?

If you’re looking for maximum durability, opt for a practice ball that’s unpressurized. They’re typically made of harder rubber and have tough outer layers to make them last almost indefinitely. If you’re looking for more competitive play, look for a ball with extra-duty felt. The tougher weave will stand up better to hard courts over a longer period of time.

Q: What is a high-altitude tennis ball?

These balls are still pressurized, but the manufacturer has adjusted the pressure inside according to the atmosphere. Use a regular pressurized ball at a high altitude and the gas inside will expand too much, making the ball unusually bouncy and hard to control. Using a high-altitude ball in lower regions will feel flat and dead.

Q: Does the quality of tennis balls matter? Higher-quality balls offer better feel and more control, which matters more to advanced players than to beginners. Most players are likely best-suited by something in the middle rather than always playing on unpressurized practice balls or learning on pricy tournament versions. 

Why do you tumble dry with tennis balls?

By adding tennis balls to the low-setting tumble dryer, the balls knock about the filling, bringing back the puff to the puffer.

Speed Up Drying Times

The only thing we love more than a cleaning hack is a time-saving cleaning hack. Besides reducing wrinkles and fluffing towels, a few tennis balls can help speed up drying time, so your laundry will be done faster than you think.


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