This McDonald's Burger Is More Than 20 Years Old — Eat This Not That


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McD Salads: Tossed fresh. Tossed crisp. Tossed all day long

We start with fresh, crisp vegetables and greens. And we toss them together all day long. That’s how we make sure every salad you order is as fresh as we can make it.

Because experts agree vegetables and greens are at their nutritional best when they’re fresh. So at McDonald’s, you’ll find our Chef Salad, Chicken Salad Oriental and Garden Salad being tossed fresh, cool and crisp all day, every day.

Any other way just wouldn’t be as good. Or as good for you. For more information about our salads, and all our menu items, ask your McDonald’s Restaurant Manager, or call our Nutrition Information Center at (312) 575-FOOD. It’s a good time for the great taste of McDonald’s

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While it’s behind glass now, that hasn’t always been the case.

Smarason reportedly first kept the goods in a plastic bag stored in his garage. Years later, after he noticed the food’s appearance remained unchanged, Smarason donated the goods to the National Museum of Iceland.

The museum rejected the donation, stating it didn’t have the means to preserve the fast food, so they were returned to Smarason. The burger and fries were later housed at another hostel in Reykjavik before moving to its current home.

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McDs: Quality is makin it (1976)

Makin it with ground beef that’s 100% pure and leaner than most beef you buy at the store… Makin’ it with fish that’s U.S. government inspected… Makin it with potatoes that are U.S. #1…

Makin’ it with care and attention, so you always know what you’re getting… Makin’ it fast, so you get it good and hot… Makin’ it so good that you know McDonald’s is quality you can taste.

Reheating McDonald’s French Fries in the Microwave

Reheating McDonald’s French Fries in the Microwave

This is going to be the least satisfying method, but if you’re hard-pressed for time and just have to reheat those french fries as fast as possible, there are actually some easy steps you can take to get pretty good reheated McDonald’s fries out of the microwave. It’s not going to be perfect, but this is the best you’re going to be able to do unless you have the time to use the stovetop or oven.

  1. Pour your fries out onto a microwave-safe plate covered in paper towels. Gently coat the old fries with about half a tablespoon of your favorite cooking oil (canola, peanut, or coconut oil are once again good choices). Make sure the fries are evenly coated.
  2. Evenly space your fries on the plate, making sure they will all be thoroughly exposed.
  3. Place your microwave-safe plate into the microwave and begin heating at intervals of 20 seconds. Check after each interval to see if the fries are done. It should only take a few times, but times may vary. Once done, let them cool for a second, add any spices you wish, and then eat!