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Feb 14, 2017

    Laura Clark Feb 14, 2017

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How to Tie Grantchester Knot

Wrap the necktie around your neckline with the cre

Wrap the necktie around your neckline with the crease outward.

Ensure that the thick end level your left side.

Make it 4-5 inches lower than your ideal completing position.

Cross the thick end underneath the dainty end, shaping a X.


Wrap the thick end over the front of the dainty end, going evenly from option to left.


At that point wrap the thick end from left to directly behind the dainty end.

Presently wrap the thick end over the front from option to left.

Utilize a finger to hold the even band you’ve recently made set up.

Slip the thick finish of the tie under the circle around your neckline.

Flip the thick end down and let it hang before the knot.


Continue utilizing your finger to hold the band set up.


Wrap the thick end behind the knot from option to left.

Fold the thick end over the front of the knot from left to right and supplement a finger under the flat band you’ve made.

Bring the thick end through the circle around your neckline from underneath.

Feed the thick end down through the level band, cozy it down, and bother the edges of the knot out into an even shape.



How to tie Nicky Knot

Image source: Realmenrealstyle.com
Image source: Realmenrealstyle.com

Wrap the necktie around your neckline with the crease outward and the thick end to your left side.

Make it around two inches lower than you need the completed position.

Cross the thick end underneath the slim end, making an X-shape beneath your jaw.


Flip the thick end up before the circle around your neckline, at that point fold it down through the circle, rising to one side of the slender end.


Bring the tip of the thick end evenly over the front of the knot.

Slip a finger underneath the flat band you’ve quite recently made over the front of the knot.

Bring the tip of the thick end up and underneath the circle around your neckline.

Fold the tip of the thick end down through the level circle you made in Step 4.


Pull the thick end completely through the flat circle and cozy it down.

Change the knot varying by holding it with one hand and pulling on the limited finish of the tie with the other.

How to Tie a Four-in-Hand Knot

The four-in-hand knot works well for wide neckties in heavy fabrics. Learn how to knot a tie in this style if you’re hoping to dress up a traditional look. It looks most attractive when worn with a standard button-down dress shirt. With a few easy steps, people can tie the four-in-hand knot in a matter of minutes.


  1. To complete this knot, raise the shirt collar and drape the tie around the neck so the wide end is on the right side and extends roughly 12 inches below the narrow end.
  2. Bring the wide part of the tie across the narrow part.
  3. Then bring the wide part under the narrow part.
  4. Bring the wide side back over the top of the narrow part.
  5. Bring the wide side up through the large loop at the neck.
  6. With a loose hold on the knot, insert the wide end in a downward direction through the loop in front.
  7. Holding the bottom narrow part of the tie with one hand, slide the knot upward with the other until neat and snug. Lower the shirt collar to complete the look.

tie someone’s hands

1. Lit. to use rope or string to tie someone’s hands together. The robber tied my hands and I couldn’t call the police. 2. Fig. to prevent someone from doing something. I’d like to help you, but my boss has tied my hands. Please don’t tie my hands with unnecessary restrictions. I’d like the freedom to do whatever is necessary.See also: hand, tieMcGraw-Hill Dictionary of American Idioms and Phrasal Verbs. © 2002 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

Tips On Choosing A Tie For Men

We have collected the best tips for choosing men`s ties. Are you curious to see what we have for you? Hopefully, they will make the process of choosing much easier for you. First of all, while choosing ties for men, you have to keep in mind the occasion you choose them for. What type will suit that or that event, what colors will look good there and which ones will break your clothing game? Secondly, don`t forget about the material. Look carefully if the material compliments the color and vice versa. This will help you a lot while choosing the right accessory. And finally, never forget about the size and proportions of the tie. Make sure the length and width are the right ones to suit your style and of course your general appearance.


Types of Necktie Accessories

Eager to go beyond the basics of how to tie a tie? Men or women who wear ties may wish to enhance function and fashion with tie accessories. People can choose from various types of tie accessories to keep ties in place and add a hint of style. These options are great for anyone hoping to create a signature look or elevate their typical fashion.

  • Tie bar: Slides across the middle section of the tie to keep it in place
  • Tie clip: Attaches to the same area by clipping into place
  • Tie tack: Features a pin, base and chain that help keep the tie from shifting
  • Tie chain: Features a bar and chain combination
  • Tie strap: Slips through the label on the tie’s back and attaches to shirt buttons

By presenting a polished look for work or social occasions, neckties enhance the wardrobe of men and women. Straight ties come in an array of patterns, colors and fabrics for every season and situation, and a variety of different tie knots keep them looking sharp.