What's a good word for a person that's being followed?


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  1. Brandon Moore Says:                

    Brandon Moore Says: 26. May 2015 at 3:22 am This worked pretty well for me, follow for follow is a bit annoying because you end up with a lot of followers but also you’ve got a ton more people you are following. If you can sneakily unfollow people after you have followed them, that might work better. Reply


Confirming You Are Being Followed

Someone may follow you in a vehicle or on foot, often matching your mode of transportation at the time. The single most important thing you can do to confirm the presence of a tail is to pay attention! Good general awareness of your surroundings, who is around you and the tempo of a place will betray most pursuers save for seasoned professionals.

If you start to see the same person nearby or on your periphery, or notice the same vehicle behind you as you move about your day you can assume you are being followed. Also, don’t disregard your intuition.

Your intuition, or instinct, is really a form of subconscious logic. Listen to it. They may be dormant in this era, but humans have the same animal instincts that alert us to danger as other creatures. Accept them for what they are.

Once you are keen to the game, you need to positively confirm your suspicions. If on foot, change pace. Speed up, slow down, stop. A tail will mirror you to maintain their distance and proximity.

Alternately, you can “jink”, an abrupt maneuver that will force your pursuer to mimic it or be left in the dust. This could take the form of a quick dash across the street and then turning down an unexpected street or into a large building, like a mall. If you see someone somewhat agitatedly doing the same, you’ve got them.

Another good technique is to figuratively slam on the brakes. If you stop suddenly and about face to look at your “suspect” watch their reaction closely. An “oh shit” type of response or other awkward behavior will tip their hand. What would a normal person on the street do? Not that, that’s for sure.

They may look away from someone who suddenly turned to look at them but they would not start behaving erratically; they’d keep doing whatever they were doing in the first place.

A variation of this technique that can be done in a crowded public space is to reverse your heading, essentially closing on your pursuer. If you pass them, and check behind you to see them heading your way, you know you have a tail.

If you are in a vehicle, the two most time tested techniques are to make a succession of right or left hand turns (a circle). Any vehicle still in your rearview mirror is following you.

If you are on a high speed thoroughfare like the interstate or highway, simply pull off of an exit , watching for your tail, then pull right back on. A tail will be behind you the whole way. Who exits then immediately reenters the highway?

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