What can you do on a road trip by yourself?


24 Fun Things to Do on a Long Car Ride by Yourself in 2022

A long drive with yourself with background music soothing your ears is one of the most quality times people aspire for. When you are on such a beautiful trip, it is better to avoid any kind of tension, be it related to the left-behind household or professional issues or because of your lack of planning for the solo trip. It is always recommended to leave for a long road trip after doing thorough research starting from the route to follow to the fun things to do on a long car ride by yourself.

To help you make your solo long car trip a memorable experience for life, here is a list of 24 fun things to do on a long car ride by yourself:

Take Good Pictures of Yourself

One of the best things to do on a long car ride is to store your memories. Click pictures and preserve the moments to reminisce after your solo trip gets over. You may not bring the time back, but you will always have the photos to remind you of the stress-free trip you enjoyed with yourself.

Thanks to the selfie mode that you don’t need to depend on anyone else for your pictures to be captured. Even, there are plenty of useful selfie apps available on the web that you can download for free to capture amazing photos and take travel pictures of yourself.

While taking good pictures of yourself is important, don’t forget to capture the beauty of the place that you are in. And this makes it essential to include your camera in the list of things to bring on a long car ride.

In case if you curious to learn to find out how to take good pictures of yourself when traveling solo, then you can read these helpful travel photography tips by wanderluluu and become a solo travel photography master.

Document Your Travels

Requires a bit of hard work, but documenting your trip is one of the most incredible things to do on a long car ride alone. During your trip, you might have some unique or fun experiences that you might want to share with others.

Whether you meet someone inspiring or you enjoy successful trekking after multiple failures, you may wish those moments to be documented to inspire you whenever times are tough.

To make your solo trip inspiration for those who refrain from planning one, you could provide a list of what to do on a long car ride in a travel blog post and make sure you give them a reason to go for a solo car trip.

Listen to Your Favorite Songs

Do you have a playlist to enjoy every night before falling asleep? Among the best things to do on a long car ride, having a special playlist for your road trip. Music is a feeling. Having a playlist precisely prepared for your long solo car trip will add extra emotions to the car trip and be your companion throughout your time spent inside the car.

Most of the times, it is your mobile phone that plays the songs for you. Hence, do not forget to have a portable charger with you to keep your phone fully charged. If you were thinking of how to entertain yourself on a road trip, play your favourite songs and enjoy the journey.

Listen to Podcasts

If you are not a music lover, you might want to have a list of some other things to do on a long car ride. This is where podcasts come into the scene. Download the funny and exciting series of podcasts and enjoy listening to them on your solo car trip.

What could be more interesting than WTF with Mark Maron or Comedy Bang Bang to accompany you on your tour alone? The hosts will never let you feel alone. Listening to the podcasts, therefore, is one of the most recommended fun things to do on a long car ride alone.

Eat Healthy Snacks

What to do when bored in car? Well, is that what’s restricting you from planning a trip? In that case, the answer to this question is straightforward. Eat healthy snacks when you are getting bored with your own company.

What else other than food could accompany you better on your long car trip, after all? Yes, having healthy snacks in your bag is the most important thing. And eating them throughout your journey is a necessary inclusion in the list of 24 fun things to do on a long car ride by yourself.

No matter whether you’re a food lover or not, snacks will always be your favourite on any trip you plan alone or with family and friends.

Play Games on the Phone

A long trip on your car doesn’t mean spending 24/7 inside the vehicle. You might stop at a restaurant to freshen up and have your meal, right? This is what makes playing games on your Smartphone to be included among the things to do on a road trip.

With games to play on a road trip like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) becoming an addiction among people these days, you can connect with your cousins and friends and play with them to enjoy some quality time with all of them together on a virtual platform.

What are some fun things to do on a long car ride by yourself? If this question haunts you often, download games to play in the car for your solo long car trip.

Call Someone You Haven’t Talked to in Awhile

All of us look forward to enjoying some ‘me’ time, but then there is a time when we do need a companion. The things to do on a long car ride, therefore, include giving a call to someone you’re missing on your trip.

If you are feeling bored, call the funniest friend you have. She/He will surely make you laugh hard, making your solo trip enjoyable and reviving you from your loneliness.

If you come across a child holding the hands of his/her parents and you miss your Mom and Dad, call them instantly. Won’t it be among the fun things to do on a long car ride?

Sleep or Take a Power Nap

If you are not a gadget freak or your mobile is entirely out of charge, there are still things to do on a long car ride without electronics. Yes, you heard it. Sleeping for a few hours or taking a power nap is always recommended.

Driving for a long time would possibly lead to severe ache after a few extended hours of driving. Hence, booking a stay in a hotel or lying down in your car if space allows is a feasible option. Just lie down with your eyes closed and take a peaceful nap for a couple of hours.

What to do on a long car ride without electronics? Hope, this question doesn’t bother you again.

Sing Your Heart Out

Are you a brilliant singer? Well, even if you’re not, your car trip would be the best time to sing your heart out. One of the best activities for long car rides is to sing out loud without bothering about who hears you and who doesn’t.

There are multiple singing mobile apps these days that provide you with the lyrics, and you cannot just sing but also record your voice and share around. If you are thinking of how to keep yourself occupied on a long car ride without friends, these singing apps will be your friends during your journey.

Sing, record, share, and get your voice liked and appreciated!!! In short, explore your singing talent on your solo car trip.

Read a Book or Novel

Taking a halt at a destination to freshen up or relax for a couple of minutes could be boring on a solo trip. Thus, it is advisable to carry a book and read the same, which is one of the most productive things to do in the car on a road trip.

If you are a fiction lover, explore the imaginary world or go for non-fiction stuff if you are more inclined towards digging into the reality of life. You can have an e-book downloaded if you don’t want anything extra to be carried.

If you are thinking of how to keep yourself busy on a long car ride, reading a book or novel is recommended.

Read a Blog or an Article

There are instances when you might regret being on a solo trip on your car. Go through the travel blogs and articles on solo trips; it will inspire you to go for it with double enthusiasm. It is yet among the most recommended things to do on long car rides.

You may get stuck in a particular place and might want to know about the sightseeing over there. You can instantly browse through the blogs that will help you be aware of the major attractions near you.

Open your Google Map and follow the route. This is how to keep yourself occupied on a long car ride. Keep your worries aside and plan quality time with yourself.

Listen to Audiobooks

When your hands are not free, reading a book, novel, blog, or article is next to impossible. Thus, the best activities for long car rides include listening to audiobooks. Download some and keep listening to them while your hands on the steering.

Music is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you are among those who love books more than music, audiobooks are for you. On your long solo car trip, this is the best way to make your journey fruitful and knowledge-acquiring.

How to keep yourself busy on a long car ride? The answer is very simple. Download audiobooks of your favourite genres and enjoy the same.

Learn a New Language

Want to utilize your road trip moment? Why not learn a new language on your way and include it in the list of things to do while driving alone? What say? If you are driving in a country, the commonly used language of which is unknown to you, your mobile device or electronic gadget might help you in knowing a few words to help you communicate with the locals.

A few words to greet the other person along with the ones to convey your thanks or apology would do. There are games to play in the car, listening to which would help you learn a new language. Search for them and get started.

Make a Road Trip Playlist for You

Of course, preparing a playlist for your road trip with yourself is one of the most useful things to do on a long car ride alone. However, there is no specific song suggestion that could be provided. This is because every individual’s choice differs.

While some of them like softer versions of music, a few love louder ones while driving. You can prepare your playlist based on your taste and preferences.

What to do on a long car ride is one of the most frequently asked questions when a traveller seems to plan a solo trip. Download the songs you would like to listen to during your long road trip and enjoy the best ride of your life.

Listen to Stand-Up Comedy

What to do when bored in a car on a solo trip? The frequently asked question has a straightforward answer for you. Listen to the stand-up comedians and enjoy the journey, making it the funniest tour of life.

In any case, if you feel selfish or guilty about your decision of spending quality time with yourself, listening to stand-up comedy shows would help you get rid of your rubbish thoughts.

This is the most recommended among other fun things to do in the car while driving to your destination. Kill your boredom, get rid of the upsetting thoughts and enjoy the trip to the fullest with the shows of the best stand-up comedians in the world.

Watch Netflix Shows

With wonderful web series being run on platforms like Netflix, there is no question of you being bored on your journey if you decide to relax on a beachside or in a hotel on your way.

Before you leave for the trip and you are thinking of how to entertain yourself on a road trip, don’t forget to subscribe to the platform to enjoy the best shows streaming presently.

From fictions to biographies, these video streaming websites entertain you with the best productions. Hence, watching Netflix shows is counted as one of the most entertaining things to do on road trips when you are on a solo trip.

Do Crocheting or Knitting

By any chance, if you have a driver to take you to the destination and you are sitting on the back seat alone, it’s time you can do something you have always enjoyed doing. Yes, crocheting or knitting or anything that you couldn’t do because of your involvement in so many other commitments to fulfil.

What are some fun things to do on a long car ride by yourself? If this is the question bothering you, pursuing your hobby is one of the best of all. Today, people hardly think of anything without gadgets. This is among the best things to do on a long car ride without electronics.

Organize or Edit Your Travel Photos

Like various games to play on a road trip, you also have multiple apps to help you organize and make your travel photos attractive. Yes, you have various photo editing applications on mobile and laptop to be used to make your travel album eye-catching.

When you are on a long solo car trip, you don’t drive continuously for 24-hour, you do relax and desire to have a change of work. This is when you can organize your travel photos and edit the pictures to offer them a personalized appeal.

This is one of the most recommended activities on the list of things to do on long car rides. Organize your pictures and preserve them to cherish for a lifetime.

Plan a Workout to Do on the Road

Are you a fitness freak? Do you hate skipping your workout sessions? If yes, the list of things on how to make a road trip fun includes planning a workout on road trips too. Isn’t that surprising? It is.

In the early morning with the fresh air all around, you can plan a relevant workout, which will be way more effective than exercising into a four-walled air-conditioned gym unit.

This could be one of the best things to do on a road trip, thereby making your journey both physically and mentally relaxing. Try it and see the fantastic effects it imposes on your overall trip.

Meditate While Traveling

Being on a solo trip has its own set of advantages. You may miss people around, but then you are free to utilize every second of the trip the way you wish. Setting aside your gadgets and keeping off from the screen time is quite relaxing, and it becomes productive too when you’re ready to count on doing meditation as one of the things to do while driving alone.

Yes, when you are searching for what to do on a long car ride without electronics, meditation is the most common response you are likely to get. Look for a green environment and spend some time concentrating and meditating to explore your inner self. You can’t even imagine how relaxing it is.

Watch the Sunrise or Sunset

While every scenic view has its importance, the beauty of the sun rising and the sun setting can’t be defined in words. On your long solo car trip, if you get a chance to watch the sunrise or sunset, consider yourself lucky.

It is one of the most sought-after things to do on road trips. It is not only recommended to watch the scenic beauty but also capture it to cherish forever.

Thus, it would be best if you didn’t forget to include your camera on the list of fun things to bring on a long car ride. When you ask how to make a road trip fun, watch the rising and setting sun, you will get an answer.

Video Call Your Friends and Family Back Home

What to do on long car rides when you miss your loved ones during the solo trip? It’s effortless. Make a video call and talk to your family and friends and kill your loneliness instantly. Mobile is something that you always carry with yourself.Hence, among the things to do in the car on a road trip is video calling your near and dear ones.

However, to ensure using your mobile phone in the best way, you must carry a portable charger so that your mobile remains charged and could be used for the things to do in the car by yourself. Do a voice or video call and talk to your friends and parents to share your experience.

Take a Detour to See Something Interesting

Why not enjoy an adventurous trip by taking a detour? Wouldn’t it be one of the most happening things to do in the car by yourself? Of course, it will be. You don’t need to get the significant attractions straight away on the route that you follow.

The major sightseeing may be found on a detour. Believe it or not, taking a detour to see something interesting would be among the fun things to do on long car rides.

Deviating from your regular route is the most exciting experience and hence one of the most amazing things to do on long road trips. Try it and see how wonderful your trip turns out to be.

Write the Perfect Travel Diary

Keep writing. Yes, you heard that. Though it doesn’t appear to be one of the exciting things to do on long car rides by yourself, it would have fruitful results in future. Of course, after all, outing down your experience into a diary would store your feeling, emotions, and excitements related to the complete solo trip that you enjoyed.

Don’t forget to include the things to do on long road trips in your travel diary. Well, you can share your experience in the form of a blog post too.

Above all, never forget to carry a journal to pen down the experiences into words. Please include it in the fun things to bring on a long car ride.


7. Remember, embrace and enjoy being alone

You may go to a bar and saw a cute couple, or a little old lady holding her husband’s hand at a bus stop, and start to wonder why you went there alone. Let those thoughts go. You are there by yourself to realize that kind of things, to learn, and to apply those new things to your life after the trip. Remember to take this time to do whatever you like, you wanted this for so long, so don’t be sad now!

Some more things to keep in mind:

  • Be sure to download a map, or take a few pictures of it at least, even if you have an application with you. Better safe than sorry.
  • Keep in touch with family or friends and tell them at least once per day where you are and where you are heading next.
  • In winter it’s cold and in Summer it’s very hot. But far in the middle of nowhere climate can vary, a lot. Check the weather constantly! And, as mom says, take a jacket!
  • Do something “regional” everywhere you go.
  • Stay hydrated and bring some snacks for the road. I won’t tell you that they have to be healthy. Be happy, you are on vacation.
  • You can use energizing scents or chew gum if you are worried to become sleepy behind the wheel.
  • An important one: Women can travel alone too, do check some other guide for additional tips about it, but it’s absolutely possible.

Those were my +7 tips for taking a long road trip by yourself, and I hope that you can enjoy a little more of your time alone with them! It’s better to leave after worrying for a day and not spend ten days worrying about the messy car, or the fear of doing something different.

Did you ever take a road trip alone? What was it like?