What happens when you mix ammonia and baking soda?


Is it safe to mix ammonia and borax

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Ammonia and borax, for example, are cheaper and more versatile than commercial cleaners and are common items in many homes.

Ammonia and borax can combine into a cleaning solution as well.

Mix the two together to clean a variety of surfaces in and around your home..

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Is it safe to mix ammonia and vinegar

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Take a look at chemicals you should never mix together: Ammonia and bleach: This combination is dangerous, producing vapors that can cause severe damage to your respiratory system. Vinegar and bleach: If you add a weak acid to bleach, it creates vapors of toxic chloramine and chlorine.

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Do Bleach and Baking Soda Kill Mold?

Homeowners love to keep their walls clean and sparkling. No one wants to wake up to see mold growing on their walls. When you spot any growing mold, you will want to quickly remove it through the most effective means possible. Leaving it to grow will lead to multiples of it, and that can affect your health.

You can make use of bleach and baking soda individually to remove mold from the wall. But if you want a quick and lasting effect, you can use the two for the removal. Bleach and soda kill mold perfectly and ensures it doesn’t grow again in that spot.

The process is a convenient one.

  • Make a paste of the two substances, which will help you prevent them from dripping while you apply.
  • Get your protective gear to cover your face region, so you don’t inhale the substances. Also, ensure to mix in a properly ventilated area.
  • Wear goggles and rubber gloves
  • Ensure to put on old clothes, so even if it gets bleach stains, you don’t have to worry.
  • Take away cloth materials that can be affected by the bleach fumes while it works on the spot.
  • Apply the paste on the mold carefully and ensure you cover the surface around the mold. The paste will ensure the substances stay and work effectively to kill the mold.
  • Allow the paste to be on the spot for about 24-hours.
  • When the time lapses, moisten the surface using bleach and scrub off the paste.

Mold often grows when there is no proper ventilation. Therefore, to prevent future occurrences, ventilate your homes more properly. You can make new windows where necessary and attempt to improve the air in your home. If you have damaged walls, you may have to replace such.

How to Use Baker’s Ammonia?

Now that we have the basics sorted, the next important question is how do you actually use baker’s ammonia during your baking rendezvous.

Ammonium carbonate is most commonly mixed with a liquid before being mixed with the dry ingredients.

This allows it to blend smoothly and thoroughly.

Remember to store it properly as it quickly absorbs moisture and clumps up.

To check if it’s active, add a tiny amount to hot water. If it starts to bubble intensely, it’s good to go.

You can always substitute it with baking powder; however, the final product may differ in texture.

Rumford Baking Powder is a great option that can be used for any recipe whenever you feel like using baking powder instead of baker’s ammonia.

3. Bleach + Ammonia

Katja Cho

Bleach and ammonia produce a toxic gas called chloramine. “It causes the same symptoms as bleach and vinegar — along with shortness of breath and chest pain,” says Forte. Many glass and window cleaners contain ammonia, so never mix those with bleach.


You feel great when you inhale crack or freebase cocaine, but start to come down soon after exhaling. Once you start, it’s super hard to put the pipe down.

Never inject crack or freebase cocaine, it can cause a heart attack or stroke. Both of which will probably kill you.

Note – Using baking soda to FREE the cocaine BASE from cocaine hydrochloride (regular cocaine) results in a substance people call crack.

Crack is a less pure form of freebase cocaine than using ammonia and ether and gets its name from the crackling sound it makes when smoked.

Using ammonia (and ether) to FREE the cocaine BASE from cocaine hydrochloride (regular cocaine) results in a substance people call freebase cocaine.

This form of freeing the base is more time consuming and dangerous than making crack, but the result is more pure, and can give a larger yield than converting the same amount of cocaine to crack would.

While both forms of the drug can be called freebase cocaine, only using the baking soda method results in a product that can be called crack. See how cocaine is made for a better understanding of how cocaine itself is produced.

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Cocaine research – Nearly one in five whites could carry a genetic variant that substantially increases their odds of being susceptible to severe cocaine abuse, according to new research. (dec 2010)

Written by the famous Le Junk from Bluelight, thanks, dude!

The correct method for making 100% pure freebase cocaine is to dissolve 1 gram of adulterated cocaine in 40 ml.s of water in either a large glass beaker or glass mason jar. Whatever you decide on, just make sure it’s glass.

If any remains undissolved, it’s not cocaine, so we need to get it out of there before wasting any time on that crap. Therefore, if any does remain undissolved, simply filter it into a separate glass container via a standard round coffee filter and plastic funnel. Once all of the liquid has drained thru, add 20 more ml.s of water thru the same filter to gather any cocaine water than may have permeated the filter paper. Our final objective is to have a total of 60 ml.s of water per every one gram of cocaine. In other words, if all of your original cocaine dissolved completely in the original 40 ml.s, then simply add 20 more ml.s of fresh water to that and move on……..

In a separate beaker or shot glass, add 20 ml.s of 10% ammonia (Ace Hardware brand) to 20 ml.s of distilled water. Stir thoroughly. Your ammonia must be unscented and contain absolutely nothing but ammonia and water. It’s extremely difficult to find, and the only place I could find it was Ace Hardware. I know this because I first looked at Home Depot, Menards, Lowes, all grocery stores and pharmacies. I’m just saving you the trouble, so go to Ace Hardware. The tall thin white bottle will say, “Ammonia 10%”. -or 5-10% -containing no perfumes or surfactants and it MUST be clear. That’s the one you’ll be needing……

Now this next part is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! Using a glass eye dropper, slowly add exactly 1 ml. of the ammonia solution to the dissolved cocaine water. A cloudy bright white precipitate will form with each and every drop. Between each 1 ml. added, stir for 2-3 minutes each time. Now, there’s a HUGE reason for doing it this slowly, so don’t just go and precipitate all of the freebase out in one big shot, okay? With each 1 ml. of the ammonia soln., stir for 2-3 minutes each time, preferably with a glass stir rod or better still, a copper rod. Try extremely hard to not touch any part of the glass container with the stir rod while stirring.The reason for switching containers is that once the actual cocaine freebase starts forming, you don’t want it possibly tainted by anything that formed previously that wasn’t cocaine freebase. That is why it’s also extremely important you do not ever touch the edges of the glass while the goo is forming. Once you accidentally free up any of the goo, it will not reattach itself to the glass, thus ultimately ending up in your real cocaine freebase. So just don’t touch the glass with the stir rod, okay?

After about 4-5 ml.s and 2-3 minutes between each ml. added, an extremely nasty and unpleasant looking goo will start to form on your stir rod. This is not cocaine freebase, but instead one of the easier forming bases like amphetamine etc. There will be 2 different substances that form during this entire process. One will be the yellowish goo that forms first. The goo is NOT cocaine and should be ignored. The second substance that forms will be the actual cocaine base. It’s bleached white in appearance and is solid flakes to rocks.

Remember: the initial goo that sticks to the copper rod is rubbish/junk. The next thing to form on the copper will be the bleach white freebase. From that point on, anything that forms in the water will be freebase and that may or may not stick to the rod. Regardless, once the freebase starts to form, it’s all freebase from that point on until no more precipitate forms from the addition of ammonia.

Continue slowly adding the 1 ml. of ammonia soln. and keep checking the stir rod after the 3-minute stirring period. The goo will continue to grow on the stir rod as all of the other freebases other than cocaine continue to precipitate out first. After awhile, you’ll finally start seeing the final base, cocaine, start forming on the stir rod as a bleach white, rock hard substance.

So, to reiterate;  now you have continued slowly adding the ammonia until the goo has completely stopped forming and the white base starts forming. It’s at that point you switch glass beakers. You can discard any oily goo in the first beaker. Make sure you wipe off any goo that formed on the stir rod prior to freebase forming, though.

Pour the contents of the beaker straight into a 2nd beaker; no coffee filter is needed for the 2nd pour, but you will need a 3rd beaker ready and waiting, with the coffee filter primed to catch anything from the top.

Once this happens, – the entire contents of the water/cocaine mixture having been poured into a 2nd fresh glass beaker or mason jar, ideally without using a filter yet, because all that is left to form now will be the last and final base, cocaine! You need to continue slowly adding the ammonia drip by drip to the new beaker, stirring without touching the sides or bottom, until no more precipitate forms from the addition of any new ammonia. If you add any additional ammonia past the point of new precipitate forming, it will decompose your actual base.  

You’ll pour everything through a coffee filter into the 3rd fresh beaker. Now clean off the goo from the stir rod containing all the other bases, or junk, and make sure it’s clean for the last and final stage of the process. Using the 3rd beaker, having poured the contents of beaker 2 through the coffee filtered beaker 3, continue adding the ammonia solution, drip by drip to the cocaine/water mixture until no more white precipitate forms with the addition of more ammonia soln. Once all of the 100% pure cocaine freebase is completely done precipitating, pour the contents into a filter and let drain thoroughly. One drained, open the filter and pour the freebase into a glass beaker with a small amount (20 ml.s per gram) of plain fresh water in it. Stir completely to completely rinse off all of the ammonia soln. and then once again pour into a filter. Once drained and while still in the filter, pour a little more fresh water over the now pure cocaine freebase to wash away any final traces of ammonia.

Remove the filter paper containing the pure cocaine freebase and place the filter paper still containing the freebase inside between a few paper towels, press firmly on the clump portion to absorb any additional moisture and then while still in the filter paper, blow dry until dry to the touch. Carefully open over a ceramic plate and let all of the freebase fall out onto it. Let air dry for as long as it takes to become completely dry (especially if your planning on reconverting it back to 100% pure cocaine hydrochloride). This could be as long as overnight.

Make sure you weigh your adulterated coke beforehand, and then once again after the pure freebase dries. Do your calculation to determine the EXACT purity of the crap you were originally sold. Call your dealer and tell him to fuck off that it’s only 26%, and then find a new dealer.

Thanks to Le Junk for this excellent info!

Thanks to Le Junk for this excellent info!

Now, either smoke an entirely different freebase than anything you’ve ever smoked before, or turn the freebase back into your very first batch of nearly pure cocaine hydrochloride. Enjoy a cleaner product!

Le Junk says “Using the bi-carb method is an absolute ghetto method way of making cocaine/amphetamine/ephedrine/pseudoephedrine freebase mix, nothing more. There should never be heat involved in the making of cocaine freebase.”

Taken from Dave Lee’s Cocaine Handbook but written up by NickyFab who, for the purposes of the article refers to a user as SWIM (someone who isn’t me!) at

“Id like to say this method was taken from David lee’s book on cocaine which swim told me is on most torrent websites, and some smaller bookstores (at a high price). This book is amazing and although 20 years old is a great companion for any connoisseur. Also, Le Junks amazing threads from a few years ago are of great use to any reader wishing to learn more about this product.

Ok so here is the simple steps to clean out your stash, swim did this with a mere 1g but recommends highly that you do this with at least 3g to make it worth it, you will be so pissed when you see how nice it comes out and so little you have if done with less.

items you need are 1, 1 ltr can of acetone available online and small DIY shops, don’t bother with the big stores, they don’t sell it and they know why they don’t! it has to be pure acetone, not nail varnish.

2, bag of Epsom salts (skip these if you somehow can get anhydrous acetone from a chem lab supply store)

3, two 50 or 100ml glass beakers, glass eye dropper, plastic funnel (preferably 16cm, but not too important), filter paper- medium flow, glass stirrer (must be glass), lab stand to hold funnel (you can make shift these at home easily just improvise or get your buddy to hold it lol, don’t!) glass cover for beaker, paperclip, toothbrush.

right first off swim has got to get all the water that’s hiding in the acetone down to the bottom, swim bakes around 3 handfulls of the Epsom salts in the oven at around gas mark 6 – 400 degrees f, after around 2 hours take them out and crush them up real fine with a spoon then put back in for another 10 minutes, leave to cool but not for too long,

swim takes around 10-15 grams of the now ash-like powder and a few grams at a time add it to the can of acetone, shake the can well for around 2 minutes and then leave it to settle for 24 hours. all your ash has collected the water molecules in the acetone and sank it to the bottom, note that you cant really move the can around much after this as the ash in the bottom will be disturbed and rise up into the acetone.

from now on when swim needs some acetone collect it from the can direct using the eye dropper, which must be glass, collect it into the bottle and keep the lid on at all times when not in use.

this is based on 1g but recommended that 3g be used, just adjust the measurements accordingly.

1: chop up the most likely dirty coke into a fine powder and pour it into the beaker add 10ml of acetone to the beaker and stir for around 2 minutes. the mixture will become very cloudy, cover and leave for around 5 minutes to let the crystals settle at the bottom.

2: pour the acetone into the filter which is setup inside the funnel attached to the lab stand standing over the other glass beaker. dont let any crystals leave the beaker yet, just gently pour the acetone out while keeping the crystals in the beaker.

3: add another 10ml of acetone to the beaker with the coke crystals in it, stir for about 2 minutes cover and leave to stand for 3 minutes or so.

4: pour the entire contents of the beaker through the filter then add another 5ml of acetone to the beaker and swirl to pick up any last few crystals that remain then pour into the filter. cover the filter and wait a couple of minutes now pour another 5ml of acetone direct into the filter for the final wash. leave for 5 minutes minimum.

5: gently lift up the filter from the funnel with the crystals inside it fold the top and sides over to close it, now place a paperclip over the folds to hold it in place.

6: place the filter holding your lovely shiny crystals onto a magazine or a clean surface and press down on the clump of crystals inside the filter, place under a gentle lamp for 10 minutes, place the filter somewhere dry and cool and leave for at least 24 hours, this drying process is what gives it the look and strength swiy is after so is crucial to quality, it compares to the curing of meat. the longer the curing the better the taste!

7: now the best part, gently open up the filter onto a plate or mirror and tap out the (what will now be) amazing flakey white crystals, gently use the toothbrush to brush off any crystals that have stuck to the filter paper

8: chop up your now roughly 75% pure but more importantly CLEAN real coke into the lovely fine powder it was always meant to be and enjoy the feeling of quality cocaine. goodbye stuffy nose!

after doing this with 1g swim got a .3 yield so has been getting pretty shit stuff, swim sees no point in doing this with less than 3g, with that you should get roughly 1g of top quality stuff, unless you get a better product, saying this though you can do this with 1g just to see with your own eyes how good or bad your stuff is and then let your dealer know he sucks!!

this may seem long winded as swim is a very longwinded twat lol, but it is very quick ( the process aside from drying time and making the acetone anhydrous takes about 15 minutes) and is well worth it, its very easy to get the items needed, there is no danger involved in this process unlike the a/b extraction, its quick and very easy, highly recommended for those of you who are not fiends but connoisseurs, if your a fiend you won’t be able to stand the drying time anyway lol.

swim would like to thank Le Junk for his method on making the acetone anhydrous, his threads have been of great help to swim.

well i hope this helps people wishing to clean up their stash and health at the same time, drugs are unhealthy but that does not mean you should not care about all the gunk and crap that’s in your product which in turn goes in you! for swim its more about cleaning than strengthening but the strength is awesome, rocket fuel! one last word, if swiy struggles to afford this product then its suggested that you don’t perform this, it makes the cost skyrocket (although you do indeed do far less, one small line is a kick up the ass big time) and once you try this you won’t be able to look at the street stuff again in the same way, so really only perform this if your wallet is comfortable or for a special occasion!

NOTE: This is another persons thread on the acetone way, which is useful to explain a bit about the Epsom salts, helping to shed a bit more light before you start. Click here for the good Danish site Psychedia.dk/forum

What Can You Use The Mixture For? 

Doing Your Laundry

This is one of the most common functions of bleach and baking soda mixture. As we know, white clothing items are hard to be kept white for a long time and unfixable once they get stains on them. So in most cases, we have to get rid of our favorite white shirt as soon as there is something spilled on. 

However, after reading this article, you will be able to do wonders for your white garments and get them out of the washing machine nice and spotless. 

Just pour the mixed liquid directly on your items, scrub thoroughly, then leave them there for 15 minutes. After that, wash the clothes with cold water and put them into the washing machine. 

The same method applies to dirty laundry; they will come out fresher and cleaner than ever.

Cleaning Walls and Preventing Mold

If your walls are having issues with mold, you definitely should use this amazing trick. Starting by mixing them in a bowl, then spread the paste on the walls and scrubs the mold off with a hard brush. 

Most people miss out on the last step, which is to fix the damp wall by brushing a waterproof paint layer afterward. Although scrubbing off the mold with chemicals works effectively, you can’t just move your furniture out to scrub the wall every weekend.

During the process, try to ventilate your house as much as possible. This one will give you a more pleasant working environment and reduce the cleaning time.