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5 Techniques for Breast Play

Nipples and the surrounding area are full of nerve endings that many people find pleasurable. Use these tips to explore breast play.

  1. Check in with your partner. Communication is the key to a healthy sex life. If you're interested in breast or nipple play, talk to your partner. Discover your partner’s breast sensitivity. Consider that your partner may have specific needs due to breastfeeding or surgery.
  2. Get to know your partner’s body. For most people, the nipple is the most sensitive part of the chest area, since it contains the most nerve endings. Using massage oil or lube, massage near the ribcage and breast area to increase blood flow. Once your partner is ready, you can explore the more sensitive areas: armpits, areola, and finally, the nipples.
  3. Use your mouth. Try stimulating the breast area orally by licking and nibbling. If your partner enjoys the pressure, you can work your way up to biting. Start by gently biting the outside of the breast. If your partner likes it, you can roll their nipples between your teeth. Another strategy is to use your tongue to make out with their nipple; this sensation can be great foreplay.
  4. Add toys and props. Try stimulating your partner's breasts or nipples with something other than your hands and mouth, such as a feather, ice cube, vibrator, or nipple clamps, to introduce different sensations. This can be especially fun with your partner blindfolded. You can touch them with different parts of your hand or mouth, blow on their wet nipples, and introduce different props for a sensual experience.
  5. Play by yourself. Whether you're interested in achieving a nipple orgasm—an orgasm sans genital stimulation—or just want to learn more about your own breasts, try touching your nipples with a light touch during masturbation.

Bring in the Toys

You can use vibrators or feather ticklers to create new sensations on her breasts. Even running a silk tie or scarf over her breasts can feel great. If she likes more intense nipple play, you can buy nipple clamps or suckers. You can also try blindfolding her, and touching her breasts with different toys or materials. Not knowing what’s coming can be a wildly intense experience. Or try using use lube or massage oil to help your hands really slide around on her breasts.


14. Get Curious About Pierced Nips

Pierced nipples may require some quick education prior to playing. First things first, new nipple piercings should be avoided during sex while they’re healing, which can take up to a year, according to professional piercer Starr Ellis of Nine Moons. "This may mean some creativity with positions to avoid them," Ellis previously told Bustle.

People who have nipple piercings may also experience more intense sensations and have specific ways they want them played with. As with any breast play, ask before you dive in and be receptive to feedback from your partner. If you have pierced nips, trial and error can help you assess what works for you. Try stimulating your breasts on your own while you masturbate so you can see what feels good.

Pay Attention to the Underboob and Sideboob

Most people tend to squeeze the entire boob, or focus on just the nipple. That’s a shame, because the underboob and sideboob can both be exquisitely sensitive. The areas I’m talking about are where her breast meets her ribcage. As the names imply, the underboob is the lower part of the breast, and the side boob is the outer edge (the side near her armpit).

This area tends to respond best to delicate touch. Very gently trace a fingertip along this sensitive curve. Start at the outer edge and slowly work your way around to the middle of her chest. You can also do this with your tongue, or with light kisses.

9. Try out a two-armed vibe

Two-armed vibes that are designed to look like tuning forks are great for indirect stimulation and a “stroking” motion, thanks to the gap between the arms. So, if you want a massaging sensation along with vibrations, these toys could be great options to try out. Because they tend to have motors in each “arm,” the sensation can be incredibly intense. Try out Le Wand’s Deux or Crave’s Duet. (And if you want to try vibrations but don’t want to buy new sex toys, bullet vibrators like Kip can be great for nipples, too!)

Some types of bras feature strategic cut-outs, open cups, or sheer designs so that can help you feel hot and confident.

Management and Treatment

What are these treatments side effects?

Each treatment has different side effects. And each person might have different reactions to these side effects. Ask your healthcare provider about specific treatment side effects. They will explain what they will do to help you manage treatment side effects, and what you can do to help yourself.

Outlook / Prognosis

What is the prognosis or expected outcome for triple negative breast cancer?

The prognosis for TNBC continues to improve, thanks to recent progress in identifying new treatments and finding new ways to use existing treatments. Like most cancers, the earlier TNBC is diagnosed and treated, the better the prognosis.

Breast-feeding beyond infancy: What you need to know

Curious about breast-feeding beyond infancy? Know the benefits, the role breast milk plays in an older baby’s diet and how to handle others’ opinions on the topic.

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11. Pay attention to the neighboring areas

Engaging in breast play doesn’t mean that you have to exclusively pay attention to the nipples and areolas. Give the surrounding area some love, too! Lick and touch between them; kiss, bite, and suck underneath them; run your hands over and around them.Expand your exploration, too; even the armpits and ribcage have many nerve endings and can be erogenous zones.

When Do Breasts Develop?

Now that you know that there are various different types of breasts in the world, you should also know how, and when, they start to form as part of your body. This isn’t just so you can be better aware of how it works but this information is also useful for when, and if, you have a girl of your own. Read up:

How Do Breasts Develop

  1. Before a girl’s breasts start to grow, i.e. before puberty, her chest is usually flat with small nipples.
  2. When puberty hits, small bumps, called buds, start to form under her nipples. Buds feel tender and might be sore in the beginning but this stops with time.
  3. One’s nipples and areola might change colour; nipples may get hard or stick out.
  4. With time, a girl’s buds grow bigger and rounder and take the shape of breasts.
  5. It is different for different types of breasts. One’s breasts might take their time to show while for others they might just make an overnight appearance. So don’t worry if yours are taking a bit longer.
  6. Puberty mostly hits girls between the ages of 8 and 13 years. Girls start developing boobs between them but they don’t stop there. Breasts continue to grow until one’s early 20s at times.
  7. Breast development is usually the first sign of puberty.

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What Size Do Breasts Grow to be?

  1. As we mentioned before, there are many different types of breasts, when it comes to shape and size. So, it is hard to predict what size your breasts will come to be.
  2. Girls, also, keep in mind your weight and genetics. These factors affect your breast size to a great extent.
  3. Your breast size never stays the same. You will experience changes in your breast throughout your lifetime.

7. Explore Different Sensations

Try getting the nipple wet with your saliva by licking and sucking it, then blow gently to create chilly tingles. Experiment with different sensations — cold water or an ice cube on the breast can feel amazing, too.

Another option: Exploring sensory play. “Sensory play is the practice of removing one or more of your senses to increase the sensation of the remaining senses in the bedroom,” Kenna Cook, sex educator and pleasure professional at O.school, tells Bustle. “This means using blindfolds or headphones to block out noise and light while your partner caresses your body. Removing sight and sound from an intimate experience heightens your sense of touch.”

Different Types Of Breast Nipples

You’ve read about the different types of breasts but did you know there are almost just as many types of nipples? Yep. It’s possible to have a combination of two, as well. For instance, one can have inverted nipples that are hairy or bumpy. It’s news to us too, so you’re not the only one shocked. Take a look below and remember that it’s okay to have a different pair of nipples than most – they all do the same job.

1. Protruding

Dana Tepper

Dana Tepper

These type of nipples are usually raised a few millimeters beyond the surface of your areolas and point outwards. If you have protruding nipples, they can get more pronounced when it’s cold or arousal than usual. So keep that in mind when you decide to go braless – unless you’re all about your nipples and want to own them as they are.

2. Flat

Unlike protruding nipples, flat ones completely blend into the areola. That doesn’t mean they don’t stick out or get hard with stimulation and temperature drop.

3. Puffy

If you have puffy nipples, your areolas and nipple

If you have puffy nipples, your areolas and nipples look like a small raised mound together. These type of nipples are common between women… who knew?

4. Inverted

The exact opposite of protruding nipples, this typ

The exact opposite of protruding nipples, this type can be described as retracted inwards into your breast. You can use your fingers to pull them up but sometimes the muscles can be too tight for it.

5. Unilateral Inverted

This situation is a unique one, in which one nippl

This situation is a unique one, in which one nipple on your breasts is raised and the other, inverted. It’s okay if that has always been the case with your nipples but if it is a recent development, you should see the doctor since it could be a sign of breast cancer.

6. Bumpy

If you have bumps on your nipples and areolas, kno

If you have bumps on your nipples and areolas, know that it is completely normal. Called Montgomery glands, these tiny bumps look like whiteheads. You might be able to pop them but don’t play with them too much.

7. Hairy

Don’t worry if you have stray, dark hair growing o

Don’t worry if you have stray, dark hair growing out of your areola area. Whether coarse or normal, know that every woman has hair follicles on her nipples but some women are hairier than others. It is totally safe to pluck or shave.

8. Supernumerary

Believe it or not, some people, not just women, ha

Believe it or not, some people, not just women, have more than two nipples. For instance, Harry Styles (yes, the One Direction pop star) has a third nipple! These nipples either look like flat moles or they’re fully-formed protruding bumps.

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