What should I do when I got someone a horrible Christmas present?


45. A boyfriend pillow and a stepper


The vacations are definitely filled with surprises—horrible presents like these ones included. You possibly can’t justify a few of these with “it is the thought that counts” as a result of, properly, did they ever actually take the time to suppose?

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LineFromTo # Horrible Tudors, beautiful Georgians Slimy Stuarts, vile Victorians0:00:020:00:04 # Woeful wars, ferocious fights Dingy castles, daring knights0:00:040:00:07 # Horrors that defy description Lower-throat Celts, terrible Egyptians0:00:070:00:09 # Vicious Vikings, merciless crimes Punishment from historical times0:00:090:00:12 # Romans, rotten, rank and ruthless Cavemen, savage, fierce and truthless0:00:120:00:15 # Groovy Greeks, brainy sages Imply and measly Center Ages0:00:150:00:18 # Gory tales, we do that0:00:180:00:20 # And your host, a speaking rat0:00:200:00:23 # The previous is now not a mystery0:00:230:00:26 # Welcome to Horrible Histories. #0:00:260:00:30 Welcome to Horrible Histories Horrible Christmas.0:00:360:00:39 This present goes to be an actual cracker!0:00:390:00:41 By which I don't imply it's filled with dangerous jokes.0:00:410:00:44 Proper, I'm off for a mince pie while you lot watch this.0:00:440:00:48 Ho ho ho!0:00:520:00:54 One in every of my favorite issues about Christmas is watching telly.0:00:540:00:58 However you received't consider what handed for0:00:580:01:00 good Christmas leisure within the Center Ages.0:01:000:01:03 # Lastly discovered my place in paradise… #0:01:030:01:08- Subsequent! – What? Why?0:01:080:01:11 Let me strive one other track.0:01:110:01:13 How about some Taketh That, or the Jonas Brethren?0:01:130:01:15 Oh, no. Subsequent!0:01:150:01:17 Are you positive he's not adequate, sir?0:01:170:01:19 You’ve seen each jester within the nation.0:01:190:01:21 No! I'm on the lookout for one thing additional particular right here.0:01:210:01:25 I need some high notch, high quality leisure, Chamberlain.0:01:250:01:29 There’s yet one more title on the listing.0:01:290:01:31 Subsequent!0:01:310:01:32 I'm bored already.0:01:330:01:35 HE FARTS0:01:370:01:40 Roland the Farter at your service.0:01:400:01:43 HE FARTS0:01:430:01:44 That’s sensible! Chamberlain, e book Roland right here for the Christmas get together.0:01:490:01:53 In actual fact, I need you to do that jump-fart thing0:01:530:01:57 at each Christmas get together any longer!0:01:570:01:59 Bathe this man with rewards!0:01:590:02:02 HE FARTS0:02:020:02:04 Sure! Bravo! Sure!0:02:040:02:07 Give this man a manor home, that one in Suffolk.0:02:070:02:10 Oh, and 20… No, 30 acres of land!0:02:100:02:12 Nothing is an excessive amount of for such a expertise.0:02:120:02:14 Expertise? You possibly can't be critical.0:02:140:02:17 He's not a correct entertainer.0:02:170:02:19 If was farting you wished, you solely needed to say!0:02:190:02:22 I imply, how exhausting can it’s?0:02:220:02:24 HE FARTS0:02:250:02:26 Oh…0:02:260:02:28 I believe I attempted too exhausting.0:02:280:02:29 Get cleaned up, be in your approach.0:02:310:02:33 I cannot converse a phrase of this.0:02:330:02:35 Thanks.0:02:350:02:36 HE FARTS0:02:360:02:39 Open a window!0:02:390:02:40 Oh, sure, they definitely had a special approach of0:02:420:02:45 celebrating Christmas within the Center Ages.0:02:450:02:48 On Twelfth Evening, peasants didn't have the silent night0:02:480:02:51 that you just hear about within the carol.0:02:510:02:52 As a substitute, they went out wassailing.0:02:520:02:56 Greeting, ghoulish followers of the darkish.0:04:020:04:05 I’m Vincenzo Larfoff, and this week's scary story is…0:04:050:04:12 It's a poem?0:04:150:04:17 How's that imagined to be scary?0:04:170:04:19 Oh, sure, all proper. I suppose it’s Christmas.0:04:190:04:21 I'll learn it.0:04:210:04:24 Twas the night time earlier than Childermass, and all via the land0:04:240:04:28 The kids have been whipped at Mum and Dad's hand0:04:280:04:30 twenty eighth of December, that was the time0:04:300:04:33 However why have been they overwhelmed?0:04:330:04:34 Let's discover out in rhyme0:04:340:04:36 Childermass was a medieval convention0:04:360:04:38 It really occurred, it isn't invention0:04:380:04:41 The story I let you know is horribly true0:04:410:04:43 It isn't made up, I do promise you0:04:430:04:45 Again within the time of the darkish Center Ages0:04:450:04:48 They might have a good time Christmas horribly strangely0:04:480:04:51 As a substitute of bushes and presents and driving on sleds0:04:510:04:54 Youngsters would disguise out underneath their beds0:04:540:04:56 Again then, as a part of an historical tradition0:04:560:04:59 They have been to be overwhelmed into submission0:04:590:05:01 However why have been they handled on this horrible approach?0:05:010:05:04 Effectively, due to what occurred in King Herod's day0:05:040:05:07 King Herod dominated in Biblical times0:05:070:05:09 He killed all of the infants – a horrible crime0:05:090:05:13 And to remind youngsters of what got here to pass0:05:130:05:16 The adults invented Childermass0:05:160:05:18 Sure, the kids have been whipped, and that will sound cruel0:05:180:05:21 Nevertheless it was simply to remind them of King Herod's rule0:05:210:05:24 Right now we now have Santa, and presents and trees0:05:240:05:27 A a lot better Christmas, I believe you'll agree0:05:270:05:30 So be grateful, be completely happy, and be sure you sleep tight0:05:300:05:33 Merry Childermass to all, and to all a very good night time!0:05:330:05:38 Truly, that was fairly scary.0:05:400:05:42 Can somebody flip the lights up?0:05:420:05:44 No, actually, please. Thanks.0:05:440:05:46 Hiya, and welcome to the Information At When.0:05:510:05:54 When? Christmas Day 1066, which was a double celebration,0:05:540:05:58 as a result of it was additionally the day William the Conqueror was topped King.0:05:580:06:02 Let's go over to our royal correspondent,0:06:020:06:04 who's exterior the unique Westminster Abbey.0:06:040:06:07 We're about to witness the coronation of0:06:070:06:10 England's first-ever Norman King, William the Conqueror.0:06:100:06:14 So, as one of many new King's guards,0:06:140:06:16 what’s the temper amongst the Norman troopers?0:06:160:06:20 Effectively, it’s fairly tense, as a result of no one knows0:06:200:06:23 how the group will react to William the Conqueror.0:06:230:06:26 Why's that?0:06:260:06:27 Effectively, as a result of he got here to energy right here by killing plenty of English folks.0:06:270:06:31 The clue is within the title – Conqueror.0:06:310:06:34 I knew that. I knew that. Ah! And there he’s!0:06:340:06:37 Let's see if we will seize just a few phrases.0:06:370:06:40 Your soon-to-be Majesty, erm,0:06:400:06:43 how are you feeling on this most historic day?0:06:430:06:47 HE SPEAKS FRENCH0:06:470:06:49 For these of you who should not fluent in French,0:06:530:06:57 he simply mentioned… one thing in French.0:06:570:07:00 Ah! And right here's the Archbishop of York.0:07:000:07:03 By the facility vested in me,0:07:050:07:08 I hereby crown you, William of Normandy, King of England.0:07:080:07:14 Pardon?0:07:160:07:17 You, King!0:07:190:07:20 Ah, oui, la monarchie! Tres bien!0:07:200:07:23 Vive le Roi!0:07:230:07:25 Pardon – lengthy dwell the King!0:07:260:07:29 THEY CHEER0:07:290:07:30 A unbelievable reception there. The King has obtained to be happy with that.0:07:300:07:34 No?0:07:340:07:35 Oh, it appears that evidently the brand new King's guards have mistaken the cheering for0:07:400:07:45 the beginning of a riot, which they’re now0:07:450:07:47 attempting to crush, utilizing William's favorite methodology – excessive violence.0:07:470:07:52 Sur les yeux! Sur les yeux!0:07:520:07:53 And never content material with killing and chasing the locals,0:07:530:07:56 they're additionally now burning some buildings.0:07:560:08:00 Effectively, what a day it's been right here in London.0:08:000:08:04 We've mentioned hiya to a brand new King and goodbye to0:08:040:08:07 a whole bunch of harmless folks and most of Westminster Abbey.0:08:070:08:11 So, it's goodbye from me, and extra importantly, merry Christmas.0:08:110:08:15 Ho ho ho! Now, you wouldn't fancy finding0:08:200:08:23 these Saxon presents in your stocking.0:08:230:08:25 Blissful Christmas, everybody.0:08:270:08:29- BOTH: – Blissful Christmas!0:08:290:08:30- Christopher, merry Christmas! – Oh, thanks!0:08:300:08:34 "To Christopher, from Mildred and the fellows!" Thanks, guys.0:08:340:08:38 Is it…? Hey!0:08:380:08:40 Ah, horse poo, glorious!0:08:400:08:42 Now I can combine this up with some clay and mold some new dinner plates.0:08:420:08:46 I want some new ones.0:08:460:08:47 Thanks a lot. Thanks.0:08:470:08:49 And right here's a bit reward for you, Mildred.0:08:490:08:52 Oh, thanks. You shouldn't have!0:08:520:08:55 Oh!0:08:550:08:57 Oh, it's pig poo!0:08:570:09:00 That's glorious. Thanks a lot, John.0:09:000:09:03 I've been that means to re-plaster our partitions -0:09:030:09:05- these things's the perfect factor for it. – Jed.0:09:050:09:09 Ah, thanks. Have a look at that!0:09:090:09:12 Rooster poo!0:09:160:09:18 That is good for making leather-based garments.0:09:180:09:21 I'm going to let it go actually pungent,0:09:210:09:23 then put my cow skins in there and clear them earlier than tanning.0:09:230:09:26 John. I wouldn't go away you out!0:09:280:09:31 What's this?!0:09:310:09:33- Oh! Oh! – It's fragrance.0:09:340:09:37- It makes you scent good. – It stinks!0:09:370:09:41 That's proper. In Saxon instances,0:09:430:09:44 lords typically gave animal poo to their peasants at Christmas.0:09:440:09:48 Dread to suppose what you bought when you'd been dangerous!0:09:480:09:50 That could be true, however the carol you know0:09:500:09:53 about King Wenceslas shouldn’t be fairly so correct.0:09:530:09:56 For me, there's just one thing0:11:010:11:03 that actually makes Christmas really feel like Christmas.0:11:030:11:07 Persecuting Catholics!0:11:070:11:09 Ha ha ha!0:11:090:11:11 However after I'm uninterested in that,0:11:110:11:12 I like nothing greater than tucking into one among these.0:11:120:11:16 Mr Tudor's Mince Pies are constituted of a conventional recipe of fruits, nuts,0:11:200:11:25 spices and mincemeat -0:11:250:11:28 particularly, the mincemeat of hen,0:11:280:11:30 hare, rabbit, pheasant,0:11:300:11:34 ox's tongue, liver – just about something you may consider.0:11:340:11:39- What about turkey? – Turkey?!0:11:390:11:40 At Christmas?! Completely ridiculous!0:11:400:11:42 I get via extra of them than I do wives!0:11:470:11:49 After all I do – I solely had six wives!0:11:490:11:52 I've had about 150 of those at this time!0:11:520:11:54 STOMACH GURGLES0:11:540:11:56 Ooh, little bit of heartburn!0:11:560:11:57 That Henry VIII wants to observe his waistline. He's waisting away!0:11:570:12:01 And his beard's lower than a lot, both.0:12:010:12:04 These Tudors – they actually did eat plenty of meat at Christmas.0:12:040:12:09 Welcome to a Christmas version of Historic MasterChef.0:12:100:12:14 We're on the lookout for a very good plate of meals…0:12:140:12:18 ..on a plate.0:12:180:12:20 What?0:12:200:12:22 I've obtained a candy tooth!0:12:220:12:24 Ed is a trainee chef at Hampton Court docket, the place,0:12:260:12:29 with 200 colleagues, he prepares meals for Henry VIII.0:12:290:12:32 What are you going to prepare dinner for us at this time?0:12:320:12:34 I believed a conventional Christmas feast.0:12:340:12:37- That's an terrible lot of meat. – Sure, I'm going so as to add some spices0:12:370:12:41 and a few oatmeal after which stuff all of the meat right into a pig's gut0:12:410:12:45 to make a Christmas pud-pud.0:12:450:12:46- Pudding? – Did somebody say pudding?!0:12:460:12:49 However his pudding is product of meat.0:12:490:12:51 Phwoar! Now you're speaking!0:12:510:12:55 OK, cooks, you’ve ten minutes remaining.0:12:570:13:01 Whoa, bare man within the kitchen!0:13:010:13:03 Whoa! What are you doing?!0:13:030:13:05 When the kitchens get sizzling at Hampton Court docket,0:13:050:13:08 we at all times strip off. No biggie.0:13:080:13:09 Mate, sorry, you may't do this.0:13:090:13:11 You actually can't do this.0:13:110:13:13 I'm simply having a fast leak. We do it on a regular basis at Hampton Court docket.0:13:130:13:17 Saves time and cools the place down.0:13:170:13:19 The one leak that must be in a kitchen…0:13:190:13:22- ..is one like this. – That's a swede.0:13:220:13:25 I do know. I was a greengrocer.0:13:250:13:28 With time operating out,0:13:280:13:29 Tudor chef Ed is beginning to really feel the stress.0:13:290:13:33 Ed, Ed, Ed. Decelerate.0:13:330:13:36 You've simply sewn a pig's snout onto a hen's bottom.0:13:360:13:39 No, no. I meant to try this.0:13:390:13:41 One other Tudor speciality.0:13:410:13:43 It's known as a cockatrice. Normally you'd sew half the pig0:13:430:13:47 onto a half a cockerel,0:13:470:13:48 however I'm pushed for house,0:13:480:13:50 so I've sewn a pig's snout onto a hen's bottom.0:13:500:13:52 Cockatrice? Seems extra like a Franken-swine to me! Ha ha ha!0:13:520:13:56 Mate, how a lot sugar have you ever had?0:13:580:14:00 Quite a bit.0:14:000:14:01 To enhance his spectacular cockatrice,0:14:010:14:04 Ed has served up one other seasonal Tudor delicacy – humble pie.0:14:040:14:09 Oh, that’s terrible!0:14:090:14:10 It's really pronounced "offal".0:14:100:14:13 It's the heart of a deer, and the spleen and the lungs and the liver.0:14:130:14:17 HE RETCHES0:14:170:14:19 Ed, your cockatrice is an affront to nature.0:14:230:14:26 Your humble pie made Gregg vomit.0:14:260:14:29 Your Christmas pudding is little greater than a pig's gut0:14:290:14:32 full of meat.0:14:320:14:34 Nevertheless, as a result of it has the phrase "pudding" in it,0:14:340:14:37 Gregg has insisted that we crown you champion.0:14:370:14:40 Congratulations, mate.0:14:400:14:43 Effectively, I’ve obtained a candy tooth! Cor!0:14:430:14:46 The reply is…false.0:14:530:14:55 Sugar buildings, ships and even sugar joints of meat have been a approach of0:14:560:15:00 impressing friends, as a result of it was such an costly ingredient.0:15:000:15:03 Queen Elizabeth was notably keen on consuming sugar sculptures,0:15:030:15:07 and he or she wasn't straightforward to please.0:15:070:15:09 Blissful Christmas, Your Majesty.0:15:090:15:11 A hoop. Why, thanks, Cecil. Have this put with all the opposite presents0:15:130:15:17 I don't like and by no means use.0:15:170:15:19- Sure, Your Majesty. – Lord Robert Dudley.0:15:190:15:22 Lord Dudley.0:15:220:15:24 Might your yuletide merriment know no bounds, Your Majesty.0:15:240:15:28 Oh, a gift!0:15:290:15:31- No matter may it’s?! – What does one get the Queen who has all the pieces?0:15:310:15:36 Why, one thing that no one has.0:15:360:15:40 How did this tiny clock get caught on this bangle?0:15:410:15:44 'Tis a wrist clock, Your Majesty – the primary of its form.0:15:440:15:48 Together with your permission…0:15:480:15:51 Now, when there isn’t any clock round,0:15:560:15:58 you may inform the time with a easy look to your wrist.0:15:580:16:02 Oh! Why, that is far and away my favorite current ever!0:16:020:16:07 Isn't it marvellous, Cecil?0:16:070:16:09 Sure, Your Majesty.0:16:090:16:11 Allow us to drink to this new invention.0:16:110:16:13 To the wrist clock!0:16:170:16:18 The wrist clock!0:16:180:16:21 Oh, pricey me – there appears to be no clock right here within the throne room,0:16:210:16:24 and I have to know the time.0:16:240:16:26 Oh, would you occur to know what time it’s, Your Majesty?0:16:260:16:32 Oh! Why, it’s…0:16:320:16:35 Oh pricey, Lord Dudley.0:16:370:16:40 There seems to be a critical design flaw along with your wrist clock!0:16:400:16:46 Certainly, Your Majesty.0:16:460:16:48 Ho ho ho!0:16:580:17:00 Not everybody was as jolly as me at Christmas.0:17:000:17:03 In Stuart, instances they did away with kings and queens,0:17:030:17:06 and the nation was run by the depressing Puritan Oliver Cromwell -0:17:060:17:10 and it wouldn't be a lot enjoyable going spherical to his on Christmas Day!0:17:100:17:14 # On the primary day of Christmas, my real love despatched to me… #0:17:150:17:18 Cousin Olly! Merry Christmas, outdated bean!0:17:180:17:21 Oh, family.0:17:210:17:23 How did you get previous the guards?0:17:230:17:25 We thought we'd pop by to want you a really merry Christmas.0:17:250:17:28 I'm a Puritan, I don't have a good time Christmas. I’ve had it banned.0:17:280:17:31 Effectively, you received't say no to a spot of Christmas dinner, will you?!0:17:310:17:36- We introduced you a goose! – Guards!0:17:360:17:38- What are you doing? – Christmas dinner is banned. It's sinful.0:17:380:17:41 I've ordered the military to confiscate all roast geese. Guards!0:17:410:17:45 Whoa, whoa, we'll lose the goose.0:17:450:17:47 We'll free the goose. It's effective.0:17:470:17:50 Why don't we go to the pub or one thing?0:17:500:17:52- Guards! – What now? – Pubs are banned – they’re sinful.0:17:520:17:56 Advantageous – why don't we go to the theatre?0:17:560:17:58- Guards! – Let me guess – banned? – Sure. It's sinful.0:17:580:18:02 All proper, why don't all of us go and have0:18:020:18:04- a festive kickabout within the park? – Guards!0:18:040:18:07- Oh, you may't ban sport… – Sinful!0:18:070:18:09 It’s important to perceive these frivolous occasions distract0:18:090:18:13 us Puritans from our devotion to Christ.0:18:130:18:16 We’ve got to do one thing – Lucy's all made up.0:18:160:18:18 With make-up?0:18:180:18:21 Sure.0:18:210:18:22- Guards! – Oh, come on!0:18:220:18:25- Make-up is sinful. Particularly that eye shadow with that high. – What?!0:18:250:18:29- Nothing. – Wait a minute. I've obtained it.0:18:290:18:31 Why don't all of us go to church?0:18:310:18:33- I imply, church isn't sinful, is it? – No, after all not.0:18:330:18:36 Effectively then, let's all go to church.0:18:360:18:38 Guard! Seize them!0:18:380:18:40 It's towards the legislation to go to church on Christmas Day.0:18:400:18:43 Take these sinners to jail!0:18:430:18:45- However… – What?! – Wait!0:18:450:18:48 Sure?0:18:480:18:50 Blissful Christmas.0:18:510:18:52- Oh! – Now lock them up and throw away the important thing!0:18:520:18:55 Sure, life wasn't a lot enjoyable underneath Cromwell.0:18:560:18:59 So folks wished their monarchy again,0:18:590:19:01 and all the pieces was a lot jollier underneath Charles II.0:19:010:19:04 However what with the plague and the Nice Hearth of London,0:19:040:19:07 it wasn't all plain crusing.0:19:070:19:09 Hiya, pretty folks of Britain.0:19:390:19:41 Blissful Chrimbo. Now, I do know after I did my speech this time final 12 months,0:19:410:19:45 everybody was on a little bit of a downer about the entire plague thingy.0:19:450:19:49 Lifeless our bodies in all places, no extra events. Dreadful enterprise.0:19:490:19:54 Effectively, this 12 months, the excellent news is, there's no extra plague! Huzzah!0:19:540:19:59 The dangerous information is, there's no extra London.0:19:590:20:02 Blasted nice massive hearth nearly burned the entire metropolis down.0:20:020:20:06 No less than this 12 months you received't must worry0:20:060:20:08 if the Christmas goose is correctly cooked.0:20:080:20:11 Mmm! Nom nom nom!0:20:110:20:12 Marvellous.0:20:120:20:13 Effectively, let's hope that 1667 is an altogether higher 12 months for everybody.0:20:130:20:19 Contact wooden! Oh, that's nonetheless sizzling!0:20:190:20:22 Blissful Christmas, all. Celebration on!0:20:220:20:25 Are you positive the fireplace's fully out?0:20:270:20:30 Victorian prisons have been merciless and brutal locations.0:20:350:20:39 Though issues have been a bit completely different at Christmas.0:20:390:20:42 Get on with it, you prison scum!0:20:440:20:47 Choose it up, you horrible little worm!0:20:470:20:50 To begin with, you’ll transfer these cannonballs0:20:500:20:52 from there to right here for no cause by any means!0:20:520:20:55 Then, you’ll flip that heavy crank round and round, as a result of I say so!0:20:550:21:00 BELL CHIMES0:21:000:21:02 # We want you a merry Christmas, we want you a merry Christmas0:21:030:21:08 # We want you a merry Christmas, quantity 3102. #0:21:080:21:12 What's occurring?0:21:120:21:14 It's Christmas lunch. Time to cease the cruel punishment,0:21:140:21:17 the beatings and pointless ritual humiliations,0:21:170:21:21- and be good to you for the remainder of the day. – There's a catch.0:21:210:21:24 No catch. Come on. You don't need your Christmas dinner getting chilly.0:21:240:21:28 Is that this what you do yearly?0:21:280:21:30 One minute you're beating prisoners senseless0:21:300:21:33 and the subsequent you're serving them a slap-up feast?0:21:330:21:36 The magic of Christmas in a Victorian jail.0:21:360:21:38 In actual fact, me and the lads, we had a bit whip spherical.0:21:380:21:42 I do know you probably did, I've obtained the scars.0:21:420:21:44 No, I imply all of us clubbed collectively.0:21:440:21:47 Yeah, on my head.0:21:470:21:48 Would you like this current?0:21:480:21:49- It's a watch. – Aye, I do know it’s a bit excessive.0:21:510:21:56 We're solely supposed to offer you lunch.0:21:560:21:58 However I believe can I converse for all of the lads after I say, properly,0:21:580:22:02 you’re our favorite prisoner.0:22:020:22:04 Wow!0:22:040:22:06- I'm touched. – No!0:22:060:22:08- Blissful Christmas. – Grasp on a minute.0:22:090:22:11 That claims two minutes to 1.0:22:110:22:14- That jail clock's operating quick once more. – That doesn't matter, does it?0:22:140:22:18 Effectively, after all it issues. It's not lunchtime but.0:22:180:22:21 Now, get cranking that wheel, you wretched lowlife!0:22:210:22:24 Ow!0:22:240:22:26 Oh properly, I suppose it's higher than consuming sprouts.0:22:290:22:33 Oh, that harm!0:22:330:22:35 There's just one wise factor to do with sprouts.0:22:360:22:38 Grasp them in your Christmas tree. Good.0:22:380:22:41 Christmas bushes haven't at all times been round.0:22:410:22:44 In actual fact, right here's the place they're from.0:22:440:22:46 It wasn't simply Christmas trees0:23:500:23:52 that first grew to become widespread in Victorian instances.0:23:520:23:55 1843 noticed the first-ever industrial Christmas card.0:23:550:23:59 Although Victorian playing cards have been a bit unusual.0:23:590:24:03 At Victorian Bizarre Playing cards, you may ship a bizarre Victorian card0:24:050:24:10 on to your family members this Christmas.0:24:100:24:13 Select from all the most recent Victorian Christmas card designs.0:24:130:24:17 Clown attacking a policeman with a red-hot poker!0:24:170:24:20 Youngster being stung by an enormous wasp!0:24:200:24:23 And my private favorite – youngsters at their mother and father' funeral!0:24:230:24:28 Or when you're on the lookout for one thing rather less conventional,0:24:310:24:35 why not strive our gift-card vary?0:24:350:24:37 Together with, slice-of-bacon card!0:24:370:24:39 Sure, that's precise bacon. Extracted-tooth card!0:24:390:24:42 Sure, that's an actual human tooth.0:24:420:24:45 Or, dead-mouse card!0:24:450:24:47 Effectively, you get the image.0:24:470:24:49 And order now, and we'll ship your card by new penny post0:24:510:24:55 for only a penny.0:24:550:24:56 Penny publish for only a penny – wow!0:24:560:24:59 And all of our bizarre playing cards might be personalised0:24:590:25:02 with your individual message at no additional price.0:25:020:25:05 "Dearest Auntie, sorry the cardboard is so bizarre,0:25:050:25:10 "however they're the one ones you may get.0:25:100:25:15 "Hope you just like the bacon."0:25:160:25:20 Victorian Bizarre Playing cards.0:25:200:25:22 Get them whereas they're nonetheless bizarre.0:25:220:25:24 Have we completed?0:25:270:25:29 Can I eat that?0:25:290:25:31 Now, I guess you suppose nothing Christmassy ever happened0:25:340:25:37 within the trenches of World Conflict I.0:25:370:25:39 Effectively, you’d be improper, as a result of on Christmas Day 1914,0:25:390:25:43 the British and German troops who have been preventing every other0:25:430:25:46 held an off-the-cuff truce, climbed out of their freezing trenches0:25:460:25:50 and performed a sport of soccer.0:25:500:25:52 Wonderful. Think about that.0:25:520:25:55 I'm imagining it now!0:25:550:25:57 Effectively, you be part of us right here within the last levels of0:26:000:26:02 this most uncommon England versus Germany pleasant.0:26:020:26:05 It appears to be like like Britain are mounting one other assault, Steve.0:26:050:26:09 Normally it might be with weapons and bayonets, however not at this time.0:26:090:26:12 Jenkins has obtained via. A powerful ball.0:26:120:26:14 There's nothing between him and the purpose,0:26:140:26:17 besides a few unexploded bombs and a few barbed wire.0:26:170:26:20 Shoot! Shoot!0:26:200:26:22 Poor selection of phrases.0:26:220:26:24 Good level. Kick, kick.0:26:240:26:27 And Britain have scored. That ranges the match at 2-2.0:26:270:26:31 I’ve to say, the pitch is in a surprising situation.0:26:310:26:34 Completely, Steve.0:26:340:26:36 It's not a pitch – it's a battlefield.0:26:360:26:39 The gamers are enjoying upon no-man's land -0:26:390:26:41 which is the realm of floor between the 2 enemy trenches.0:26:410:26:44 And it appears to be like like one among British subs is0:26:440:26:47 warming up on touchline there.0:26:470:26:49 He's really obtained lice from residing within the trenches.0:26:490:26:52 And Germany again in possession.0:26:520:26:55 This is able to be the profitable purpose right here.0:26:550:26:58 Over right here, Herman. On my head, on my head.0:26:580:27:00 Oh! Sorry, guys.0:27:040:27:06 I most likely ought to have taken my helmet off.0:27:060:27:09 WHISTLE BLOWS0:27:090:27:11 They suppose it's throughout. It’s now.0:27:110:27:14 Not the warfare, however the soccer sport.0:27:140:27:16 Nice sport, mate.0:27:160:27:18 Ja, ja, you need to change the shirts?0:27:180:27:20 Oh, won’t be such a good suggestion underneath the circumstances.0:27:200:27:24 Ja! You humorous man!0:27:240:27:26 You're all proper, mate. Blissful Christmas.0:27:260:27:29 You OK too, chum. Blissful Christmas.0:27:290:27:32 Touching scenes there.0:27:320:27:34 It's exhausting to understand how these troops are going to return to0:27:340:27:37 attempting to kill one another tomorrow.0:27:370:27:39- Perhaps they received't, Steve. Perhaps they received't. – Merry Christmas.0:27:390:27:46 Need to journey via the time sewers with me?0:27:500:27:53 Then play Horrible Histories Horrible Treasures.0:27:530:27:55 Go to the CBBC web site and click on on Horrible Histories.0:27:550:27:59 # Hope you loved Horrible Histories. #0:28:010:28:04 Subtitles by Crimson Bee Media Ltd0:28:040:28:06