What To Do When Your Job Search Sucks


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3. Discover a Greater Purpose in Your Job

A job is never just a job. Is a job a service that is performed so as to achieve a certain purpose for other people who are willing to pay for it. This means that whatever you are doing is helping someone else with their own needs and to help them improve their own quality of life.

That’s not to say that every job holds the same level of quality in terms of purpose but, your work does matter and it does contribute to something. If you are having trouble finding what this something is, consider the purpose of the company that you work with.


Perhaps you work for a fast food establishment and you are not able to see your immediate impact based on your role. If this is the case, for example, you could choose to take a look at some of the impact your organization is making and frame it in such a way that your work is helping them to reach those goals.

Purpose allows people to feel more motivated and positive about going to work. There is always an underlying purpose to what it is you’re doing. Find it and work with that purpose in mind!

More Tips for Finding Fulfillment at Work

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2. Be Proactive

If you find your job completely uninteresting and you don’t foresee it improving, start making some aggressive moves. Don’t just start researching new opportunities online—go to networking events and industry meetings, and make sure your friends and family know that you’re looking. There’s no shame in admitting that you aren’t happy with where you are. On the contrary, your loved ones will likely admire you for taking a bold step in a new direction.

4. Remember That This Isn’t Permanent

Sometimes in the repetitive routine of the workday, it’s difficult to remember how often things are constantly changing in your life. Even if it’s making you utterly miserable, remember that this is just one job in your long career path ahead. Think of it as a temporary stepping-stone to your next opportunity, rather than a cubicle that will trap you for the rest of your days.