What to do with old t-shirts when you've finally worn them out


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But bed sheets are very versatile and you can come handy in day to day’s work. Mostly, there is no need to spend any extra bucks behind the home decoration or decor, you get things done in a snap with bedspread on the mind. Old bed sheets can be used in the followings ways,

Tip No.1  Reused as Curtains

  • Being a bachelor/spinster there’s no point in spending money on curtain when you stay far away from home, neither it’s brainier to spot “What to do with old sheets?” You know it’s very simple and you can do this at home, for your windows. so you can make curtains at home from your old bed-sheets. See remember bed sheets being versatile, I personally do the same, you know reusing it as a curtain. What about Pajamas?
  • Not a bad idea to wear it for your night dresses for sleep if the material of the sheet is light on your skin, see, this again is a personal choice and may differ from person to person, some may have allergies, some may find it very heavy and some would make it just the right choice. This one is the best option when you think about what to do with old bedsheets, braided cloth for pets!
  • You can use a flat sheet as a braided cloth for pets also. This idea will definitely be worked For “What to do with Old Sheets?” If you are an animal kind of a person, just got a new pup at your home. Trust me when I say this those little rascals may find an urge to bite and tear things in spite of providing them with the dog chewing gum. They would rather prefer to destroy your new footwear or a dress. This braided piece of cloth from your sheets can just make your life a little bit easier.

Tip No.2 Creative Gift raps

  • Actually, This is something that is worth giving a short as the wrapper on the gift would be of a floral print of your bed sheet would only add to the classiness of the gift. This is something sorts of out of the blue and would go for a better looking presentable gift. Just imagine and give it a try. Check your sheets and make them a creative gift wrapper with added craft-work on that sheet and solve your what to do with the old bed sheets problem.

Tip No.3 Hairbands (Gym/Sports)

  • All the girls out there, This can be done as your hair may need something for support while working out or to soak that sweaty odor. What better than the cotton bedding accessories of your bed. If not for the outing, this can be used for indoors also. Hairbands would make it quite compatible as well. This thing is also a good one for “What to do with Old Sheets?”.

Tip No. 4 Cloth hangers What Better Utility!

  • Cloth hangers are also a better utility for us and we can make them using old sheets. Your sheets are going to be your buddy. or probably you may end up buying only bedsheets for future uses. Cloth hangers are a better option to reuse for your household and day to day purposes. Just turn it into a braided cloth and give it a shape of a hanger and you’re ready to go.
  • All these little life hacks for a simple bed sheet can be quite useful, from our comfort sleeping partner to the “every inch reusable cloth” this is an all multi-utility cloth fabric.


Softie Toys For Dogs and Babies

This softie would make the perfect tooth fairy pillow because of the pocket.

FYI, when making toys for babies and pets, make sure to not use buttons, loose strings, or anything else that could be a choking hazard.


Adult bibs, AKA aprons are a good way to use up random pockets. This apron tutorial is in Korean, but the photos show the step-by-step process of turning denim fabric and a washcloth into a cute wrap-around apron.

Camera Bag

If you are into photography – either as a hobby or professionally – your old handbag can become your camera bag.

The bag may look worn out and old but it’s a win-win with this idea. If your expensive camera is in a worn-out bag, no one will give it a second glance.

In a way, you will be avoiding getting robbed.

Sell the Bags

You can sell your designer purses and handbags. Mostly those that are still in great shape but no longer appeal to you.

There are lots of online stores that sell used belongings. You may advertise and eventually sell your bags on them.

2. Hand-Me-Downs

Hand-me-downs are both environmentally and also budget-friendly. If you have friends or family with younger children, hand-me-downs are an excellent option. 

If you have expensive baby or toddler clothing, sometimes you can even sell these items in “play condition.” Just make sure to be honest about any damage, wash the clothes before you pass them along, and post a picture of the item. 

4. Designate bags for other uses as well

We use our reusable bags for a number of uses, including toting library books to and from home, carrying picnic lunches, packing beach supplies, and anything else where a tote bag is handy. Keeping them in the car makes it easy to carry stuff around town.

In fact, since I started collecting reusable shopping bags, transportation of stuff has been simplified manifold. Not only am I reducing clutter in my kitchen as well as in the local landfills, but my life is made a little bit easier.

Carrying groceries in from the car is made easier because I know the bag is not going to break. And I make fewer trips back and forth since more can fit in a reusable bag than it can in a plastic one.

5. Sew them into a quilt

Keep all of your favorite sentimental tees close by cutting them into squares and sewing them into a quilt, which will make you feel cozy and nostalgic at the same time.


5. Give to an Animal Shelter

Animal shelters use old clothes, towels, and other textiles for the animals in their care. They use them to clean, make beds and blankets, and help the shelter feel more like home for the animals. Consider bringing old sweaters and t-shirts to help a fluffy friend in need.

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Melissa is a graphic designer by trade who loves to find opportunities to try new things wherever she can. Hailing equally from Denver and Houston, she now lives in San Antonio with her little monster/pup.

14. Make some pot holders

All you need to do is weave together your T-shirt yarn (remember second grade art class?), and your hands will be forever protected from all that kitchen heat.


2. Keep the bags in the car

Probably the biggest downside to using reusable bags is forgetting to bring them with you when you shop. One solution is to keep them near the front door or even in the car. If you have your bags with you all the time, you are more likely to use them. There are even bags that roll up into tight little packages to pack in your purse.

Some objections have arisen to this over the last year due to the evidence that bacteria is present in the bags and can grow at a tremendous rate in a hot car.

One solution is to make sure that items like dairy, meat, poultry, and produce are packed in washable bags. That way you can make sure to wash the bags after shopping and then return them to the car in clean condition.

Know the value of your bag

Know the value of your bag

“You will get back a substantial ROI for a luxury brand, compared to an aspirational luxury brand.” says Gorra. Chanel’s Flap bags and Hermes Birkins are classic handbag styles because their superior quality makes them outlast others. Skoda shares the same sentiment, and noting “Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Prada and Goyard are some of [The RealReal’s] most popular handbag designers— and that demand translates into strong resale value for consignors.”

When it comes to contemporary labels, you are more likely to get more bang for your buck. “If you’re hunting for a great deal, consider a style that speaks to you but is from a few seasons back (like the Loewe Puzzle Bag or The Row Hunting Bag) or bags from more emerging designers (we love Staud and Cult Gaia),” says Skoda.

The last option is going vintage. With brands like Dior dipping into their archives for inspiration and reissue iconic shapes like the Saddle, “the participation of brands in ‘vintage revival’ has resulted in the popularization of the original vintage pieces, thus increasing their resale value within the market,” says Gorra. You’re still on trend (because what’s old is always new again) but at a fraction of the cost.

Now that you’ve had a quick 101 lesson on shopping secondhand, use your newfound knowledge to shop ten reputable sites below.