When wiping the pereneal are you should wipe front to back?


Wiping Lessons At An Early Age

At a young age, we’re taught to wipe. We sit on the pot, confused about what we’re supposed to do. “You want me to do what?” we think. “But that’s what my diapers are for. Plus that’s perfectly good water to play in”.

Looking back, it’s a bit odd, right? We’re sitting on a porcelain chair and defecating into fresh water. With all the talk about drought and climate change there should be a better way.

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So we listen to our parents about how to position ourselves and maximize aim. We get the hang of it and gain our toilet independence. But were our parents lying to us? Was there a better way? Did other families do it differently?

Many of us will never know…unless we watch another human on the toilet (no thanks!). Video


Standor sit

Don't worry about whether to sit or stand when you wipe. What you choose is a matter of preference and mobility, Monica S. Borkar, MD, a gastroenterologist with NorthShore University HealthSystem in Glenview, Illinois, tells Health. Whatever position is most comfortable and gives you access is the right one.

Ever Tried A Bidet

Have you ever tried a bidet? The rest of the world uses them, but Americans still haven’t taken to them (occasionally you’ll find them in luxury homes and hotels).

Bidets are amazing and will drastically reduce the need for toilet paper. You’ll still need to use TP to wipe up the water, but a bidet uses a high-pressure stream to blast the poo out of your butt.

Some people even use the bidet pre-poo to loosen things up. The best bidets offer heated toilet seats, warm water, and feminine washes that will have you hooked after the first use.

Not Wiping Front to Back

Since the day you mastered potty training (and your parents cheered out of sheer joy), you've been wiping down under without thinking twice. But, after peeing, many women still wipe in the wrong direction. So, welcome to ~how women should wipe 101~, where everyone gets a refresher on fun topics, such as "how to clean up private parts after urination." Let's begin…

"Always wipe from front to back," says Alyssa Dweck, M.D., an ob-gyn and author of V is for Vagina. "Wiping from back to front can bring bacteria from the rectum toward the urethra and increase your chances of a urinary tract infection." And, since women's urethras are relatively short (men's run along the length of their penis), bacteria can easily travel into your bladder and boost your chances even further of developing a miserable UTI. (Tired of all this "wipe front to back" talk? You might want to ditch the TP altogether and start using a bidet attachment.)

Skip the store-bought wipes

Unless advised by your doctor because you have hemorrhoids or a fissure, avoid wipes. You might like wipes for that fresh butt feeling, but they can cause their own problems. "I see so many people who have irritation and rashes around the vulva and perianal area from using wipes," Dr. Dweck says. This area can be especially sensitive to ingredients like fragrances in scented products, she says. If you are using wipes for a medical reason, choose unscented products made for sensitive skin, advises Dr. Borkar.

Using the Air Dryer

They might as well be called germ blowers: A 2014 study found that jet air dryers spread 27 times as many microbes as paper towels and nearly five times more bacteria than warm-air blowers. And a 2016 study suggests that hot-air dryers suck up the bacteria from the regular bathroom air (which are usually the result of "toilet plume" or fecal matter that's shot into the air upon flushing) and then blow it all over your hands. Your best bet: Grab a paper towel to dry off your mitts and head for the door ASAP to reduce your exposure to the swirling airborne bacteria. (Related: Toilet Seat Covers Don't Actually Protect You from Germs and Bacteria)

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