Why does my laptop keep switching off when I shut the lid?


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9. Issues With The Screen Hinge

Your laptop’s screen hinge is a complex mechanism subject to wear and tear while containing many sensitive and delicate connections. One possibility is that the sensor in your laptop lid is telling the computer that it’s closed when it isn’t. So it sends the sleep or shutdown signal when it shouldn’t. To eliminate this as a possibility, go to the power settings for your laptop.

In Windows, this is Start > Settings Cog > System > Power & Sleep > Additional Power Settings > Change what closing the lid does.

Here you can choose to set the lid to do nothing on the battery while plugged in, or both. Set both to “nothing” and see if the problem goes away. If it does, the hinge might need attention from a qualified technician.

Will my laptop keep downloading if I close it?

Yes , all downloads will stop if you use sleep mode or stand-by or hibernate. If you want, you can just close the laptop lid and let it be, (here your laptop is on,but screen is off and downloads continue) for this change settings by clicking on your battery icon in bottom right of your screen.

Is it bad to leave your laptop plugged in all the time?

A lithium-based battery can not be overcharged even if you leave it plugged in at all times because as soon as it is fully charged (100%), the internal circuit prevents further charging until there is a drop in the voltage. While overcharging isn’t a possibility, keeping your laptop battery discharged is an issue.

2. Ensure Adequate Ventilation

[3 Ventilation.jpg]

The most common reason your desktop or laptop may shut off randomly is thermal protection. There’s a certain temperature threshold where the computer will turn itself off to prevent damage. Before this, the desktop or laptop will throttle the computer speed and rev up the fans in a desperate attempt to keep cool. Shutting off completely is the last resort.

Laptops are particularly susceptible to poor ventilation and need all their vents open, with enough access to cool fresh air. A fast way to cook your laptop is to block the bottom vents by putting it on a soft surface like a carpet or bed. If you want to use your laptop in bed, consider using a lap desk or a cooling pad to make sure there’s enough air getting through to the bottom of the machine.

Change Display Settings to enable second display

To make changes to the display, press Windows Key + P that will open the Project menu. You will see four options:

  1. PC Screen only
  2. Duplicate
  3. Extend
  4. Second screen only

All options are pretty self-explanatory. To connect to an external display and turn off the laptop display, you will select the fourth option “Second screen only”.

Laptop screen is always the primary screen by default. It will be disabled when the second screen only option is selected.

Project an additional screen in Windows 10
Project an additional screen in Windows 10

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