Why does my nose look bigger in some photos people take and smaller in others?


Likewise, what type of nose looks best with a piercing?

For the Narrow Ones. For the narrow nose with small nostrils, a traditional nose piercing is the best piercing. Since this type of nose is often cartilaginous and thin walled, decorating the nostril itself helps to create more width. A hoop or simple stud can really dress up this type of nose and give it a nice “oomph” …

Also to know is, do nose piercings make you more attractive? The nose piercing had the least affect on attractiveness and intelligence. … Guys, if you‘re going to think of getting piercings, if you have piercings, just be aware of the fact that for some people you‘re going to be viewed as less intelligent, you‘re going to be viewed as less attractive.


Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers in the nose, also known as non-surgical rhinoplasty, or a liquid nose job, add more volume to the nose. This filler is hyaluronic acid (HA), a substance also produced by the body.

Dermal Fillers Before/After
Dermal Fillers Before/After

Over time the fillers get resorbed, and so they must be topped off every few months. A study found that injecting the human nose with HA can have a significant positive impact on nasal defects (Per Heden, MD, 2016). HA promotes healthier-looking skin and can be used to correct minor post-rhinoplasty defects.

Dermal fillers are less invasive than plastic surgery. The risks in using fillers are significantly less than those of surgical rhinoplasty. It is an easier procedure with less downtime and takes no time at all. You would only be present in the clinic for 15 to 20 minutes, and then you’re done.

The downside, however, is that fillers are bad at holding their shape. While the result will look good after injection, the fillers can migrate. However, altering cartilage via rhinoplasty is a permanent solution where your post-op results last forever. A single vial costs hundreds of dollars, so in the long run, fillers might be a more expensive option than rhinoplasty. Fillers can also only ever add mass, not take any away, so they are limited in that regard as well.

Ultimately with fillers, you have to weigh the pros and cons.

How much do nose piercings usually cost?

Nose Piercing Costs

A nostril piercing is typically cheaper than other nose piercings. You should expect to pay $25 to $70. Other types of nose piercings usually run higher in price. A bridge piercing will normally cost $40 to $95 while a septum piercing will set you back $45 to $90.

Chloe Khan



Credit: THE SUN

Chloe was left 'with no bones' in her nose after a botched nose job in Ukraine.

She thought she would get a cute 'dolly nose', but in reality she was left bloodied and with no sense of smell.

Speaking on This Morning, she explained  that she still wakes up with nosebleeds and has to tape her nose for 20 hours every day to prevent it from swelling.

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Jeremy McConnell



Trolls have since compared Jeremy to his CBB pal Christopher MaloneyCredit: THE SUN

The ex-CBB star flew to Poland for a nose job as he "hated" the way it looked.

A source exclusively told The Sun Online: “Jeremy previously had his nose broken and hates the way it looks.

“He wanted to get it fixed because he’s hated it ever since.

“He booked the surgery after getting his tag off and now he’s had it done.

“Jeremy is exciting about seeing the results of his new nose when the swelling goes down.”

The best ways to make your nose in shape

Does your nose get bigger when you gain weight? Of course it is impossible. Because your nose is built from bone and cartilage , without fat, so nose will definitely maintain natural shape and size unless you don’t make any effect on it. Remember that weight is not relevant to your nose shape totally.

Way To Make Nose In Shape
Way To Make Nose In Shape

If you want to make your nose in shape perfectly, you can apply these popular ways, such as makeup, surgery and simple exercise. Nose locates at central part of your face, which contribute to create the first impression of a person. So you should take care of your nose as well as possible, by taking a look at these details below to get the best way of shaping nose for yourself.

Use contouring and highlighting makeup

You can change your nose shape magically with contouring and highlighting makeup. In particular, contouring cream that is darker or lighter than your skin tone will make your nose looks slimmer.

However, contouring and highlighting makeup will not give strong effect unless you select good brushes and tools, because good brushes will make you feel easier to blend smooth cream layer. Here are some tips for you:

  • It depends on makeup items to pick up suitable brushes. As you use powder – based makeup, soft bristled brush is perfect option. For cream – based makeup, you should choose a bristled brush.
  • To achieve the most natural makeup, you need to use a soft blending brush to blend contouring and highlight cream together.

Do it step by step

Hey girls, if you still wonder does your nose get bigger when you gain weight, please forget it. Instead of trying to control your body weight, you can change shape nose by makeup. Just follow these steps below:

  • Applying foundation

Use your fingers or a big brush to apply a layer of foundation, which help to minimize your pores and provide smooth base for contouring.

  • Use highlighter

You can apply a thin line on center part of your nose. Don’t draw too thick line, or your nose will look wider than its original shape.

  • Use shadow to slim your nose

To make your nose looks slimmer and straighter, you need to apply shadow on the both sides of nose. You shouldn’t create so thick and pointy lines, or your nose may look unnatural.

  • Blending

Use a soft brush to blend highlight and shadow to create natural and perfect appearance for your face. As you want to make the nose area look smooth and impressive, just sweep your blending brush around the nose tip and nostrils [3].

2. Surgery

Please remove the theme does your nose get bigger when you gain weight out of mind. If you want to have a smaller nose permanently, having surgery is a good way. However, before trying on any surgery, you should find out more details about plastic surgery and rhinoplasty. Let view at the information below!

Get a nose job

Both plastic surgery and rhinoplasty can be applied for changing nose size. There are some popular way to remedy nose shape, such as:

  • Change the width of nose and nostrils
  • Nose dip and hump
  • Bulbous, hook and up turn nose tips
  • Crookedness or asymmetry

Plastic surgery may take some risks

Please keep yourself in safe condition. You should know your ideal condition clearly before taking any surgery, especially your medicine history to reduce probability of symptom like irritation, itchy and swelling during treatment process. There are some problems can happen after you finish your surgery, such as:

  • Some medicine cause allergy and side effects
  • You may breathe a little bit heavily because lack of oxy
  • Bleeding, bruising and even quite serious infection
  • Spend time for recovery

In order to achieve perfect result, you have to be patient for a full recovery that can take several weeks. Sometimes, you may feel itching and puffy while wound re-builts new skin on its surface.

3. Exercise 

[2] Don’t keep wondering does your nose get bigger when you gain weight or not? Because gaining or losing weight doesn’t cause any affection on your nose shape. The best method to make your nose smaller is doing exercises, especially while you really want to have perfect nose shape without makeup or surgery. All you need to do is taking a whole view at these details of nose exercises below then selecting the best one for you.

Moreover, you can collect helpful ways of shaping your nose at the article HOW TO MAKE YOUR NOSE SMALLER WITHOUT MAKEUP OR SURGERY

Nose shaping

All women want their nose in beautiful shape, but they still afraid of risks from cosmetic surgery or skin irritation. The daily simple exercise not only help you to sculpt your nose easily but also prevent it from getting sagging. Just follow these steps below:

  • Try to breath deeply while you press the both sides of your nose with index fingers.
  • To make your nose in shape effectively, you should hold the nose sides tightly but don’t use too much force for breathing.
  • Work out daily by repeating this exercises 10 times per day.

Nose straightening

Nose contribute to create the attraction of your face, so you may wish your nose look as harmony as possible. Are you trying to make your nose slimmer? Or even getting on diet to lose weight because of assumption “does your nose get bigger when you gain weight”. But you know, it is very easy to make nose straighter physically, let do this exercise!

  • Just smile as happy as you can, then use your finger to push your nose upwards
  • Repeat the exercise about 20 time daily, which contribute to build muscle for both sides of nose.


Deep and strong breathe exercises will provide you many benefits, such as shaping your nose as well. If you want to apply this method for making your nose in shape, just do these simple steps.

  • Firstly, you need to sit comfortably on the floor. Then block one nostril, inhale by the other nostril and hold it for 3 – 4 seconds.
  • Then block the other nostril and exhale freely
  • You can repeat these steps for 3 sets, with 10 times per set for each nostril

Nose massaging

Massaging will also help to slim your nose gradually. You need to move your fingers smoothly on each part of nose, from the bridge to both sides. Remember to massage for your nose in about 10 minutes daily to achieve perfect result.


Does your nose get bigger when you gain weight? Don’t worry, weight doesn’t affect your nose shape, surely. Wanna make your nose in shape perfectly? Just eat whatever you love, then apply these methods, such as makeup, daily exercises or surgery. And don’t forget to like and share this article with your friends, as it is interesting and helpful for you. Your friends may love that!